Thursday, 4 April 2013

Pretty little things.

I've not been updating my blog lately, as you all know, my job is quite tiring. But from today and on, the working hour maybe will be shorter because last time most of them were asked to go into the store to calculate the stocks, but now the stocks were completely counted so there will be plenty of workers around.

Which means it's too sufficient. Hahaha

As the title said, there are few great things happened to me during the moment which I didn't update my blog. First of all, I gonna tell you all those happy first. XD

Last Sunday, I went to the contract explaining and signing for my future study. What's the happy thing? I signed to NAFA already, and I'm very excited about it. Lol. Actually I feel quite lucky to be chosen to get the tuition grant because many of them didn't get it.Just for your information, I'm going to start my school in July but I got lots of thing meed to be done before July like the student pass thingy and all the medical check-up and blah blah blah, so I was thinking to resign from my job in the end of May.

Or maybe mid of June.

There are quite many reasons I want to resign, besides the annoying school stuff, I want to travel alone to Malacca which is what I've been thinking last time. Even myself can't understand me because many of my friends keep asking me why I wanna go Malacca. I got no answer for it, maybe it's too beautiful? Lol, this is just not the right answer.


Here comes to the most happy incident in my current life. 

I've to say that I'm very proud of myself, well this is a little bit shameless, but I'm very grateful because I'm going to interview the director of a micro film (微電影) which gonna premiere soon in May online. It's a great honour to meet him and hopefully his team of the film. I just wish that I got the chance to see the two main leads and get them interviewed too, but they're not people in JB, SAD. 

And the mister director promise to give me exclusive stuff on the micro film and photos, hope that he can give me a clue on the storyline of the movie as no one knows it until now, he just said that it's based on a real story. I know I gonna ask him a lot XD and if there's a chance, I really think of taking part in the whole process, it's super cool to get into a production of a film, although it just a micro one but how many people on Earth get the chance?! Hahahaha so stay tune if you wanna know more on the interview and the micro film! ( I don't wanna tell the name of the film first, stay tune ya! XP )


If you wanna ask me about the sad thing happened recently? I've nothing to say actually. But if you really want to to spit out something for you ( because I know some of you will envy of my happy life lol ), I gonna say I got a bad lunch for yesterday. Jiahkee said there was a promotion in Season's, the 38% promotion if you all know, then we said okay then, let's go since it's so cheap after discount, but turns out the portion of the food is like for baby. I just don't get it, how come they dare to serve this kind of thing to the customers? Didn't they have any sense?

My friend was so pissed, not because of the food but the super lousy service provided. The waitress was bad, I'm not going to blame myself or my friends so I just gonna say that the waitress who took our order was bad. And I'm not lying. Just trust me and don't go Season's anymore.


Just wanna update some life ongoing now, so it's another short entry, because there are great things coming very soon, and I'm very excited about it. XD 


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