Monday, 15 April 2013

Interview with Ryan Chiu! ( Part 1 )

So this is the part 1 of the interview, of course I'm not going to share the interview only but the whole process going on until the end. I decided to divide the whole thing into parts and share it to you part by part. Hahaha I think the best thing after all is what he told me and how the feelings and the situation, they taught me a lot in mentally. Well, life is a journey, we need to learn and absorb everything we meet throughout the road and try our best to record the best.

So as you all know it's an interview to Ryan Chiu, the director and producer and everything of an microfilm with the name,  怕了·ζ„›ζƒ… Afraid of Love , and trailer is included below the post but be patient and read my entry first ya.

1. Preparation of the interview.

Basically I'm quite nervous in the whole process, but still I'm going it. After the confirmation of the interview, they are lots of things gonna be done, the most important thing will be the time and venue because I'm just 18 and hardly drive so what I can is try my best to convince him to follow my timetable although I know it's bad. About the venue, I'm quite pleased because he choose somewhere that quite convenient to him and me ( but actually it's based on me... ). 

If you want me to really say out a name of something that make all this thing happened, I will say Facebook, because if Facebook never exist, a lot of things will not happen included this. So a big thank you to Mark Zuckerberg for keeping Facebook alive.

There are few things that you must get prepared before an interview, the most important thing is the questions that you gonna ask him and how to handle the situations if he answer you in a different direction of your questions. And this is the thing that I'm not so well-prepared and end up with very nervous and so panic. But I didn't pee in my pants, no worries. ;D

I seperated my questions in to three parts, the first one is, of course, the story behind everything, included his family and what is his intention in doing the micro film. The second is all about the preparation and production of the micro film and the third one goes to all the stupid questions that I wanna ask. Actually there's a question I really feel like asking him but end up I'm to shy so I cancelled the question. Hahaha maybe I will reveal it in Part 2, but you guys no need to expect for an answer since I didn't ask him. Lol

I'm very panic when the moment I asked him whether is true story happened on him or not, because the questions followed will be different if his answer is either yes or no. At first, I really think that I'm well- prepared because I already listed out tons of questions for both answer but turns out my questions are cannot be asked because his answer is like the third answer besides of yes and no. Hahaha but I've learnt that sometimes kept on asking why is a way, but becareful, it might get him pissed, so I just ask what was in my mind at the moment and record as fast as I can. ( Oh ya, I didn't use a recorder, I hand write everything because I don't feel like keep on playback the record so just try my best to write as much as I can. )

2. Things that need to prepare.

Besides questions, you need several things to bring in the interview.
  1. Book
  2. Pens in different colors
  3. Camera or just a handphone with useable camera
  4. Proper attire ( need no to be formal or you will look funny, just be casual but yet don't lose your identity )
  5. A smiley face
You must not forget even one of the list because they are the most important one, if you think that a recorder is needed ( which is what I also think of LOL ) maybe you can just bring one or use the recording app in your phone but remember to get his permission before you starts everything or you can become a criminal for recording under attention. Haha but this is so silly.

3. Meet up.

The first thing I said is ' Hi! '. Very funny and I kept on laughing with no reasons, maybe I'm just try to act normal instead of shaking with sweat lol. An important thing again, before you start to ask him question, introduce yourself and try to make him understand why he and you are sitting down and discussing for all the subsequence things. Because until the last second, he might wanna drop out of the topic because maybe he don't know your intention at first. 

The thing that I remembered the most was how fast I talk, I just throw out all the questions like a high speed train, and my hand writing is like bullshit luckily I still can understand what the hack I'm writing. Lol


And I'm sorry to say that that's all for the part 1 because the next part is the interview! Which is the most interesting part so you need to wait for longer for it. XD there will be exclusive photos and maybe some funny videos during the process ( which is what I'm trying to get from him. ).

But not to let you all down on reading this entry, I'm going to let you all to have a glance on the trailer first, I'm not sure whether you all already watched it or not but I really hope that you will support it.

 And also the micro film poster!

Yes, I know the film is about homosexual which is gay, that's what we all said. I've no conflict with this and I wish you're same with me. After the interview, I really learnt a lot, sometimes we're thinking that the things that doesn't happen on us just seemed so alien and weird, but I don't think that this is wrong.

Love won't be bias.

I know more about the microfilm, and that's the reason why I think you all should watch it, think again, is it that important about your gender and the love existed?

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