Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Human nature and nurture.

This post is a confession to myself. 

The oldest topic in psychology always go to the nature vs nurture, but today I wanna come up here to stand my point of view on this.

There are opposing qualities around us, without masculinity, you can't have femininity; without darkness, you can't have lightness; without cruelness, you certainly can't have kindness. You see, sometimes we are put into a situation to choose and make a decision, but after all you will only realise you don't really have a choice because most of the decisions were made on what we're.

We're born with our nature, can be what influences us throughout our life or maybe some memories or some incidents happened in our life, we cannot blame others for all this things that happened on us, because we are the cause of it, no blame shall be done, we need to stay what we're and life goes on no matter what happened.

I still remember vividly, last times my friends kept telling me that I'm a very emotional person which I really do think so and after all and after all again, I realise that's the truth that cannot deny but to face myself truthfully. There are quite a number of things happened in my past, take down those unimportant one, there are still plenty of them, as what I always said, I've done more than someone who're having the same age with me.

If you're asking what is human nature and nurture? Nature is those made by God and what those born to be, like trees and flowers. If you wanna say in the terms of human? We have eyes and nose, and lips, ears, hair are our nature. Lol actually human nature is said that something underneath our mind, the true-self. But nurture is said to be a thing that is already under influences. I know this is so blur to ou, so let's start it again. LOL

Nature is hidden inside the deepest chamber of our heart, whereas nurture is your heart.

Nature is the inner layer, whereas nurture is your skin.

I just hope that you understand what I meant but I don't really care how much is your understanding, because my English is not so well so I don't expect you all to agree and stand by my side. Hahaha but what I really wanna emphasize is I don't really think that nature and nurture should be placed in an opposing situation.

Okay, they will say that nature is the true one but nurture is kinda the much more literal one, but you don't know whether the things happened really influences you, or you're born to make the decision. 

Relax and have a song first!

It's Duffy's Too Hurt to Dance, my recent favourite after working at F.O.S.

Let's get to some examples.

Situation : Sometimes, I don't know how to feel, it's like you keep on waiting for something but you know it won't happen, then you still expect miracle.

Okay, this is what always happen on everyone, no matter what it will happen once in your life, if you're asking why? My answer  is because I know it will, so stop asking. LOL

Is your nature or the nurture that put you into this kind of situation? If you're saying it's all because nature then what the hell happened to you? What did God do on you? But when you're saying that it's nurture, then why you're doing this? What makes you into this? There are so many questions can be asked if you really wanna have a combat on it. And the situation on top is just an example, this kind of fight can be easily seen in everything.

The way to stay alive is not depending on how successful you did in a fight or in your past but to face yourself in every single decision that can make your a better life. I know it's hard but just let go is the only way. Life is short, there is no time for us to dream on those unlogic things, stay on what you're, if you know it's gonna happened, run for it before it's too late; if you know you can't make it, leave it and goes on; if you're in the boundary in between both situations, get a life. 


The interview is done, just wanna inform you all, and the situation is seriously awkward because it's the first met, but who knows? It can be something great. Very soon the interview will up on blog and you will know more on him and the controversial topic that have been talking in the society for quite a time, just give me some time to think properly whether I should tell you everything or just let you know what you should know only, it's another hard decision which really cannot rely on no matter nature or nurture lol.


I'm not feeling well, yesterday a metal thingy, like a base of a trolley, I just don't know how to say but it's a thing that made in metal, very heavy and a little rusty. It fall on my head yesterday and there's a bulge just behind my ear, it's pain and my friends said that it's super bloody red ( just the appearance XD ). Oh ya, I even fall down when I'm walking in F.O.S, very embarrassing because everyone was looking at me. Lol


I used to know what happened but now I can't even understand my own feelings, it just sucks, sucks and sucks.

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