Friday, 29 March 2013

Word of the day - Criticism

Let's start this with the meaning of the word. Just make it the word of the day. Haha


  1. The expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes: "he ignored the criticisms of his friends".
  2. The analysis and judgment of a literary or artistic work: "methods of criticism supported by literary theories".

critique - censure - review - animadversion

I got it from Google obviously because my English is bad, I can't explain the word by my own. And I think Google will provide a better answer for me. To me, life can be controversial, what you accept and agree can be different with me, but if you're too much, I'm sorry to say that I don't give a damn to you. When I said that, I think your critics are very negative.

We all get criticize everyday. Even someone say that you look so emo when you're not. Criticism happens when you don't actually same as what the one who critics you said. They are positive criticism and negative. Let's talk on those negative today. You don't feel upset if the you got criticized? Because we have feelings and all our senses tell us not to agree what the hell he/she said.

Life's hard, if we take all the critics too serious, we definitely will die because of the emotional created after a chaos in the brain. But it's said so easily but hard to be done. Sometimes, I just feel so bad for those who critics others, it's because they don't even have feelings. If you're someone who really with a heart, why don't you put yourself on the position and think about how others look at you? It feels bad and sad.

Maybe they are just people who talk too straight. So I should forgive you? Or the blame is on your mum? My answer for this two questions are all NO. First of all, why should I forgive you? If your critics is small, of course no one will take it seriously but when you're way too over and the most important thing is that I really don't like your critic, it doesn't make my life better in any way. Secondly, being such a bad person is not something in your gene, you're born in this way because of your living surrounding. You cannot change yourself, just like how I can't accept your opinion.

 I didn't say I'm not angry, I only said nevermind, because I'm kinda pissed. This is my way of talking, I talk straight in a different way because I know how it feels when someone disagree with you and say it out so loudly and make everyone hear you. I feel that you really need to make yourself in that position once in your life, do you know how embarrassing is that when you comment on others in the public? In front of everyone who knows you and those who just wanna start to know you, it really pissed me off, how will others think of me if they don't know me?

 You come to me and try to ask me how I feel. Wth? You expect me to say that I totally agree to you and now I should jump off the building? Get a life, I don't hurt others in the public like what you did. It's kinda like you slap someone and ask he/she to forgive you, it's very unreasonable. You thought that real life is like Korean drama? If you think so, cry in front of me if you feel you're wrong. No, I'm not that bad, just say that you're wrong in the public again, no need to mention my name because I want you to do this is not because of me but for your own good.

If you just mentioned something that others disagree and the face of him/her already show how wrong you're, then you should stop it but not continue your ridiculous point and try to make he/she to agree with you. I just don't get it, if you stop it, maybe everyone's life will be much more better and no one will even think of it again, then you repeat the same damn thing all over again? Wth? I think that you should go for a psycho treatment because your mental age is like 3 years old

 Make yourself in this position is not a good thing for evryi=one.



Maybe now you will think that I'm criticizing he/she who criticized me. Hahahaha, YES, I'M. The very different thing is I don't actually say all this thing to you in from of everyone, I just wanna make this thing very clearly because they are so many of them outside right now, even myself. Your opinion or comment can be very useful sometimes, but you need to think of yourself first before everything is spitted out, like a Chinese idiom said that water that poured out from a pail cannot be collected back again. ( I know I'm doing direct translate again LOL ) 


Saw a photo in Facebook, it's from Nuffnang page actually hahaha. Is this what you do when it really happen?

I think I'm the last two. ( The stay calm and dounut one! XD )

 Bye, shut up is a way to live.

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