Monday, 25 March 2013

*tittleless* with watching movie again - The Croods

It's so stupid for stating this entry has no tittle, because there's still a tittle. Lol and I don't know why I'm struggling with it now.

Some updates of my job, because I've been working and so so tired for the three passed day, everyday the store is full with customers, and everyday the clothes are messy, sometimes I can't even find the reason why I've to fold them up if the customers are going to mess them up again. But as a very responsible person, I've to go on with my job, if you're my next boss or supervisor, you can contact me if you wanna employ me, because I'm responsible enough. Wth.

Yesterday was a little bit unhappy, very magically, clothes are missing again, and the funny thing was that the place with missing clothes were not under the protection of the surveillance camera. -.- who to blame? I don't know. But why are people stealing the whole stack of clothes with all the same colour but different sizes? It just doesn't make any sense. My friend was guessing that the stealer was intended to open his/her own F.O.S, but you cannot sell children clothes only, it doesn't make a lot of money because everyone is buying at our F.O.S, if you're the stupid guy who 'rob' those kids wear and reading this, I curse your store will never able to start business.

Somehow, I feel it very funny, they said nowadays people are getting weird, because last time the missing clothes was a Levis jeans then now it's kids wear. Are you stealing it just for fun? Or because there was no surveillance camera? Or you really got a child? Or dog's wear was way too much expensive so you try to get some kids' clothes for your dog?!


 Have you all heard about the movie, The Croods? I think your answer will be yes, because it's such an awesome movie.

It's about a story plotted in very very long time ago, and I don't know what time it is, super old while cave men are still around because the Croods are cavies! XD

Have a look into the trailer:

It's a movie full with adventure and family love. A father who cares about his family, but ever caring to me, and super protective opens up his mind after the leading of her daughter and another guy named Guy. Laugh me die when he said his name is Guy.

I really love this  scene. The daughter, Eep is someone who really alike with her dad in some ways but so different in thinking. She likes the sun, but they're now allow to leave the cave until the sun goes down, because lots of danger in the dark, as you know, last time they don't own a lamp and they don't know what is fire. LOLLOLLOL until Guy introduce to them. LOLLOLLOL

You all definitely must watch this because this is damn hilarious when the Croods see the fire. The movie is damn silly, but we all love to laugh at silly thingy so you all must watch this!!

Okay, continue with the story. Guy know that the world is going to fall apart, the big mainland is going to seperate so he wants to save himself by chasing the sun to tomorrow. After a lot of struggling between the dad and his family, they decided to follow Guy. On the way, they met a lot of adventure which you gonna watch your own because it will laugh you die.

I still remember the giant corn get burn then it fly all the way to the sky and explode become fireworks, then after a seconds, damn, lots of giant popcorn falling down!! I wonder how the producer can think of such interesting thing. 

Actually I know why, hahaha because the producers are the same with the movie,

We all love this movie, it's funny and makes everyone laugh, just like The Croods. Which means you all gonna love this like you love Madagascar!

I don't care whether you download this movie in torrent or buy pirated DVD or watch in cinema, just go watch it, I don't want you to miss any great thing in life. ;D

Off to work soon, my feet are having a cracking feeling, guessed it's craked. 


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