Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tickling My Tastebuds

This is the Sweet Seduction, one of the signature creation from Cremoso Gelato, which is one my favourite gelato I've tasted around Malaysia. The chocolate gelato I've ordered is chocolate flavour, folded with white chocolate chips and oreo on -20° C cold stone with the enhancement of chocolate sauce on the top surround with fresh waffle. The portion is great for two or three, or else you gonna full with chocolate! Fragrance of the cocoa and the elasticity of gelato have given me the three dimensional sensual in vision, smell and taste with every mouth of softness of the gelato twisting with the crisp of waffle and oreo, just like the intruders territorizing my mind, engulf my heart, melted me and pampered into it, TEMPTATION!!  No doubts, it's something cannot be missed in the dessert time!

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