Friday, 15 March 2013

Stop and stare.

I'm here in Starbucks, CS. Actually I'm writing this when I'm here hahaha. I guess this will be my first phone entry in my blog. Hmm, not a guess because I never did this before. Lol. I'm having the new drink in Starbucks which is the what Asian Doke blah blah blah. It's a great coffee. But it does get some extra marks because of the hot weather. Love iced drink in the hot day, but it's not good for health. Hahaha.

While I'm sitting at here enjoying my coffee, I look around and realise everyone in my sight are all alone. :O very pathetic right?

A guy is reading One Piece, a girl who is so emo because cant solve the questions in her homework, an uncle is reading newspaper while calls keep coming, a girl is reading on her phone like me and play her iPad, a girl is watching video on her iPhone, a guy is using his laptop, a girl is using laptop too. Lol, then I realise three of those people are wearing in pink colour. Got an American imvestogation's result stated that those who are wearing in pink earn more money than the others, maybe that's the reason why everyone is wearing. Lol

Is it weird to be alone? Sometimes I look at those who are alone then the first thing came across my mind definitely is ‘ wah, this guy sure emo, no friends, HAHAHA! ' omg, I think it's karma, that's why I'm so alone at here right now. But hey, I always appeared in one, it's not that I don't have friends, but my friends are studying while I'm enjoying coffee. == so bad..

In fact, I kinda enjoy the moment when I'm alone, I know it sounds a little bit wrong but being alone is an art that need time to understand. Lol I'm not finding excuse if you're the same kind of human like me. XD I really enjoy in looking at others, not that pervertic type, is like enjoying the laughters they give to you. Just now I walked around before entering Starbucks, then I saw a guy was digging his nostril when he was having lunch. I think his food definitely will taste weird if he intended to clean his nose in the public. LOL

Sometimes, we should look at others. You will realise how much you've own and know how great your life is. We always dream so big that out of our limitation, THIS IS NOT WRONG, but we need to know how to stop. Cherish what we have because it might be the thing that we last own. Is it possible for dream to come true? Yes for sure, but never think of flying fish or running tree, dreams are giving us hope and courage us to achieve something but not some illusions that out of logic.

Then now I'm looking at a guy with brown hair who is camwhoring. I think he knows I'm looking at him because he stares at me too. LOL! Another guy with a pink polo steps into my sight, so now there are four -.- I don't hate pink but I'm not a fan of hot pink, it's too hot for me. Lol. Let me eavedrop what are the group of new people chatting about. Omg, I'm laughing like a lunatic and I think everyone think that I'm. They are talking about visitting Starbucks and everyone start to take photos and post them online. Lol, I still remember last time everyone love to post their Starbucks online like what I'm still doing, gone way off too viral. Hahaha

Then they stop talking. But there are four of them. This just let me remember the quote I saw online. Friends are not those that you can chat for a lifetime but those that you won't feel awkward even you're sitting down with them without a single word. Lol another bad translate. Maybe I should get Google Translate in my phone.

I'm getting my SPM result on 21st of March, the next Thursday.  I don't feel any anxiety, don't know why, maybe I'm well-prepared last time, but I'm not. Lol wth


I finish reading the letter Leshan passed to me. Very random yet meaningful. I should start to write in Chinese again before I forget. Lol


Do you know ‘ The Wings '? It's a good thing. Hahaha


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