Thursday, 21 March 2013


I just got my SPM result this afternoon. I didn't get straight As, and I know it's quite sucks. Lol.

Ranting post, skip to next post if you're not trying to waste your time. But I still think that it worth to be read la. XD

Actually I really felt damn bad, I was late to school because I was so afraid to get my result. But I still managed to go like half way of the ceremony. Just after a second I stepped into the hall, I heard my friends' names were called to go on stage, which means they all got straight As. Without any hesitation, I called my friends to tell them this great news, as in it's something that very great and happy I guess?

Felt damn wrong just after they reached school, because the school had made some mistakes and some of the students without straight As also being called to go on stage, I was like looking for a hole to burry my head in it. Some of my friends who being called didn't manage to get the perfect score, which make me a little bit upset because I was so guilty.

This lesson teaches us that don't ever believe in your ears. And that's why God create human with eyes and ears. With brain too.


My 1119 was bad, my mum was so mad because of it. Why my English can get A? Lol. Luckily I still manage to get the tuition grant offered by NAFA or else I really can jump off from my school building. My mum was so furious to call my educational agent to ask about the qualification for my offer of the TGD. Thank God, because they asked for a very low grade actually. Lol, is it a good news? Yes, but it just prove that I'm too lucky.

But being lucky is not wrong, you think that you're so lucky? I think I'm. ;D


Oh ya, forgot to update to recent life. XD so excited with this part. Hahahaha. 

I'm starting to work tomorrow, as a worker at a.. hmm.. literally a store. So grateful because there're my friends also working at there. They even told me the supervisor that interviewed me is kinda strict. I totally agree because she really got like gangster face. You know that kind of Hong Kong movie with a 大姐头,she is like the gangster lead. Lol

So tomorrow I need to reach there at 0130. My friend said that if I'm starting to work at 2 then it means that my shift is from 2 to 10 pm. Never stay at a shopping mall for so long, I mean standing at a shopping mall. Hahaha hopefully I can deal with her very well.


I watched a lot of movies again. I think it's part of my life already. I think I'm so alike with my sister at Taiwan. Because she's studying mass communication then she almost watch movies everyday 'cause a lot of assignment and report and their syllabus are like that. Okay la, not every class watch movie but she does watch a lot. Lol

I came across with the movie Sex and Breakfast.

First of all, it's not porn, it just the name of the movie lol, and the main lead of the movie is :

!!!!! Do you remember him?? He is :

!!!!!!!! He never grow, I think. The face is totally same to me. Wanna have a close up?


The movie is a love story. I think it's 18 SX. It's about two pair of couples that get married and started to realise there's a lot of problems start to grow around. The ending is so sad because Macaulay Culkin didn't get along with his girlfriend at the end. Very nice plotted movie, you all should watch it.

Of course there are still a lot of movies that I've watched. Can't list them out because it's too much and I forgot them already. Lol of course those nice are still in my mind. ;) I think I'm going to share another movie with you all in my next or maybe next-next entry. Another emo and sad love story. XD

Don't know why all the movies got a love story.


It's gonna be so tired from tomorrow, my mum said I should go work since January because if I do so, I already got a lot of money LOL, so if you're Form 5 this year and waiting for your result of going to study in April or July, don't think about other things, just go get a job, then you can have money to go on your own vacation before you start your study. ( What I want -.- but probably cannot.. )

Bye, another ranting entry. LOL 

*PS : my maid is getting so flirty, wanna know more? Comment below and tell me then I will write an entry about her slutty  story. storiesssssss. LOL

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