Saturday, 2 March 2013


Well, time flies, it's March. To a Malaysian, this month can be very important because of the election. And as a 17 + yo student, SPM result is coming out soon. Rumours said that the result will be out on 20th of March, who knows? Then I got news some more about the election will fall on 30th of March. Lol. Seemed I'm kinda resourceful huh. XD

Actually yesterday I received a call from the GB Academy, which is my agent for the NAFA thingy, very glad to say that, I've successfully passed the entry test and with the flying result, Singapore's GOE will give me TGD, hahahaha. What a great news to me! Since I was young, I never think of the future, and all the things that ongoing now. It's quite amazing feeling to get into Singapore to study, and it's NAFA some more. Must be grateful. ;)

So I don't have to worry about my SPM result already? I kinda think so, but still, it's important to me. Urgh, I don't know why I just don't feel like going to school on the actual date and the actual time. What if my result is too sucks? Shameless :/ my friends are not going on the time if not wrong, but I really think that they can make it on stage, as what I always told them, to believe themselves. 



As the election is coming, miracles can happened. It's like before the election, all those big project like what business connection with China and what ultra speed transport across KL to Singapore are all under discussion. Then when goes into the last month, which is the election month, all those projects are confirmed. It's sort of telling all the Malaysian if the government is collapsing then KL people are not getting transport to go Singapore in one hour. -.-

Then days ago, I saw this video on Youtube. Laugh me die.

Sometimes, you just need to shut up because you're like 此地无银三百两, to cover another thing, you need to slam all the bullshit on top of them so that no one can see the thing underneath. I'm not accusing anyone, please don't think that I'm talking about you. 

But maybe I'm. Lol

“此地无银三百两”,用来比喻自作聪明,想要隐瞒,掩饰所干的事情, 结果反而更加暴露明显了。

In English, it means like acting smart and thought that you're covering all the bad deeds you've done but actually you're showing them out in another obvious way. LOL I don't know what the hell I'm explaining, hope that you understand.

It's sorta placing bullshit on top of a cow dung and self-deceive that it smells like..

Chanel No. 5
 NO!!! It's not going to smell that great unless you never own a nose.


Then I watched the Ryan Higa new video on the most annoying people on the Internet, and I think that I annoys others sometimes, oh, I'm so bad. LOL

He is hilarious, if you're emo, his video definitely bring you to another dimensional laughters which is kinda over. Laugh me die again. When he talked about the photographer of food, then I was like LOL, ROFL, LMAO. 

Then after the whole video, I think I'm annoying online, but I'm not the only one because some of my friends are much more severe. :O I'm not accusing anybody!

Sometimes when I don't feel like watching Ryan Higa to uplift my mood then I will go to the Nyan Cat. LOL

I know this is old, but this kitty is damn annoying and I always start to laugh after like one minute of the video. Then I laugh without reasons some more. Time to go for a psycho therapy before I get mad. Haha


That day I went for a grocery shopping with my family. Then the label of this dead chicken just make me laugh so hard! Take a look!

I guess this old bird is very aged, it got wrinkles all over its body. Oh ya, talk about wrinkles, I saw a nice quote online, it's saying that we must be happy with our wrinkles, 'cause the place with wrinkles is the place where laughters once appear. DAMN! I just cannot translate Chinese into English! Just smile and laugh and don't care about the wrinkles laaaaaa!!!! Urgh.

Then at the alcohol department, I saw this cute white wine.

Fat Bird Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand
The fat bird is so cute, seriously, he is super duper fat until the wire is going down, time to on diet, you this fat birdie.

Then I saw this, the most weird stuff I ever seen, but my mum said it's on the market for a long time already. Outdated me.

Instant hotdog which look like you gonna die after having it. :O
Maybe the packaging is too... erm... unglam. Lol That's why I'm not going to try this in my entire life.


 Movies I've watched these few days :

  1. Argo
  2. Hotel Deluxe
  3. Beautiful Creatures
  4. Wreck-It-Ralph
  5. The Guillotines ( Xue Di Zi in Chinese in case you don't know. )
  6. Cold War ( Han Zhan in Chinese in case you don't know. )
  7. Spiders 3D
  8. Journey to the West
  9. Upside Down
  10. If You Are The One ( Fei Chen Wu Rao in Chinese in case you don't know.)
And a lot until I can't even remember them, some of them I even watch more than one time. I think I'm too bored.


You will never find the light, because you're too blind in believing.

Last but not least,

Sudden Yap with his sister!

I hate my handphone, gonna get rid of it as soon as I can. Bye.

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