Tuesday, 12 March 2013

DIY - Handmade Envelope

Today's entry is all about how to make an envelope by yourself. I don't really like those envelope bought from outside, they are so simple and usually in white or brown. ( Those in colours are so weird, because the colours aren't my favourite. ) Why not just make it by your own if it's so simple?

Nowadays we don't actually post a letter because we are provided with social networks and telecommunication services. So the envelope I bring up today is very simple and beautiful, great to company a birthday present, or just make it a love letter. Lol, your love ones will definitely feel happy when they receive such a great envelope that look expensive but yet quite cheap in cost. XD

This is very simple because all the papers I used are in A4 size, no need to get anything bigger because the bigger the harder to handle. 

This is the end product of the envelope :

Sudden Yap's envelope!
There are many ways in deigning envelope, and today I wanna present this, this is very very easy for anyone because it doesn't require a lot of design skill.

First of all, the things you need are :
  1. Colour papers ( I used black and red. )
  2. Scissors
  3. Blade
  4. Pencil
  5. Eraser
  6. Ruler
  7. Calculator
  8. Glue tape / glue ( I prefer glue tape because glue might causes wrinkles after it dries. )
  9. Magic hands
  10. Eyes  ;D

Let's get started!

Measure the length of the paper ( I used A4, which I prefer. ), then divide it by 3 because you gonna divide the paper into three parts by following the sequence of 1,2,3. Draw lines after you got the measurement.

At the sides of part 1 and 3, you gonna measure 1 cm and draw lines as what I did in above photo.

By using a blade, cut out the 1 cm at sides in part 1 and 3.

Use a scissors to cut the edges of the middle part.

Start to create patterns that you like! Don't forget, you must draw something that have awesome outcome after you cut out the shape.

Start to cut out the silhouette of your design!

Make sure your blade has a sharp end or the cut-out will not perfect and it will affect the awesomeness of the envelope. Then fold the sides of part 2 like what I did above!

Measure  the size and cut out another piece of colour paper with different colour and extra spaces at side so that you can stick it.

Glue the colour paper on your design! Of course, just glue the sides because you must make sure your design is clean after you turn it over, you don't wanna see some glue sticking out, right?? :D

Decide whether your design is at left or right. In my case, I wanna make my design at the right side when I give it to others, so I folded the lower part while my design is at the left ( Because we are at the inner part of the envelope! ) The glue it and secure it! If you meet cases like over length then cut them off before you glue it.

After you glue the sides, measure the length of the cover of your envelope. 

Divide the measurement in 2! ( Don't use my measurement, your envelope's size may be vary. )

Draw lines to the center that you measured and kindly make a round end to it.

Cut the shape!!

Fold it and draw the shape on the envelope and draw a straight line across the shape of your envelope cover.

Cut out the slit that you draw. Then rub off all the pencil's lines.

Now you can tuck in your envelope! Then when you turn it over!!

Your envelope is done!
The envelope is very easy to make, but the end look is quite nive right?? ;D hahaha, I really like this!! I think I will make this kind of envelope next time, so awesome. XD

A reminder for you, the letter you wrote must be in the paper with size that smaller than A4 because the envelope in made in A4, so you can just cut off the sides by reducing 1 cm from length and width of the paper and you will perfectly fit your envelope.

Hope you like my envelope. If you feel very tiring on making this, kindly contact me, because I do provide services in making envelope!


SPM result is coming out on 21th of March, it's next week, and I'm very confident. Because panic and scare are negative, must stay positive!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ++

Give you some positive signs. Lol, last time my friend also gave me once.


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