Monday, 18 March 2013

DIY - Another handmade envelope! Lol

Today's envelope is going to be different style with what I did last time. If you're wondering what kind of envelope I've made last time, click HERE to take a look.

The same thing of this envelope with the last one is that this envelope's going to be as functional as the last one. Hahaha

End product.
Above is the outcome, it's unique with the cut-out which is actually create a 3D effect. Lol, I guess I'm praising too much on my own creation. Let's get started!
Basically the base envelope will be the same as the last envelope I made, so click HERE  to have a reference before you start it.
Materials you need are :
  • A4 size papers with different texture and colour ( alternative )
  • Scissors
  • Thin hemp rope / Ribbon in case you don't have.
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Calculater
  • Puncher ( actually useless, just need it if your room is very windy. )
  • Eyes
  • Magical hands ;D
Measure and divide like what I did last time. Because it's the base of an envelope, nothing is different.
Click HERE to my previous envelope tutorial post for the method of measuring the paper.

Cut out the useless part.

Cut a 5 CM hole at the middle part of the envelope. Make sure you leave 0.5 CM at the above and below of the hole like what I did!

Measure your textured colour paper ( I prefer you use the same type of paper that I'm using to create more drama of the envelope. ) and draw the silhouette.

Cut it out! Then draw lines on it with the sequence of 1 CM, 1 CM, 3CM, 1CM, 1CM.

Draw a lot of lines with your measurement to make sure the holes you gonna cut out later is equal at both side.

Cut the holes. ( Back version )

View from front. Then you gonna cut out the 3CM part which is the middle out.

Tie the rope like you tie your shoe lace!

Fold the sides of the middle part.

Draw the cut-out of your envelope cover. If you've problem with this, then click HERE to my previous post of handmade envelope to see how to do it.

Cut the shape out.

Fold it up and draw the slit for your envelope. View my previous DIY envelope post to see if you don't know how to do it.

Cut the slit.

Stick the folded sides and now you can see your envelope is going to be done soon!

Draw some dots around the hole to make sure you place your design at the right place.

DONE! This is empty with nothing.

With fake letter inside!


A reminder again like last time, make sure the letter paper is reduced in size from an A4 because your envelope is made by A4 size paper.


Very easy to create your own special envelope right??? ;D if you got any problems kindly ask your questions below. 

Or if you need me to make this envelope for you, just contact me. :)


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