Monday, 4 March 2013


I've been reading The Secret for quite a time, but actually I didn't finish it. If you gonna ask me why, I just don't like to read books or novel since long time ago. I think the most wordy stuff I ever read the most is the textbook from the school. Lol.

It's written by Rhonda Byrne, an Australian if not wrong.

Rhonda Byrne

No lies, the reason why the book attracts me at very first is because of the cover of the book. It's kinda vintage old look at the cover, even the pages are so beautiful.

Book cover.
Basically, the book is teaching us how to become someone very successful and get all the things that we want by the well-known Law of Attraction. I guessed everyone heard about this? 

Law of attraction is define as ' like attracts like '. If you stay on positive then all the positive thing will attract by you and you will surround by all the positive thing. If you are having negative thoughts then negative thing will start to happen. It's different with physics, because we were taught that positive attracts the negative.

A lot of the famous person on Earth is using this law to lead themselves to success, and all of them said the same, being positive is very important.

After I read part of the book, I realise that it's not the beautiful cover attract me, it must be Rhonda Byrne keep thinking that her book will be the top seller for every week so that many people keep buying it. Lol. At first, I really thought that this book with such a beautiful cover must be a book like fiction and full of adventures, but I'm wrong after Leshan told me. Even though I haven't finish reading it, but I think I've fully understand the concept of it, which is a thing that actually need to be practice all the time.

I think I've been being enough positive. Maybe not last two weeks, but it's all the time. Lol and the time when all the positive things come has finally arrive. No doubts, March is totally my month, few days ago I received call that told me I got Into NAFA and get TGD some more then today I passed my driving test and I think positive things gonna continue to happen, right?? ;)

See, I'm using Law of Attraction again for being positive to attract positive. XD actually the book even said that those people surround you will affect you too. It's like if they are sending positive waves all around then you will be affected by his/her positive waves and started to become positive. Maybe I should go out more and stand in the crowded place to spread my positive waves so everyone is as positive as me! Lol

Actually I have no problems with emo, because it's just a feeling came across your mind when positive is not happening, and that's the moment which you gonna stay on positive because you must believe good things will happen no matter what, and this is what I believe. If you're too emo? Contact me, so that my positive waves can make you positive too, I don't like others emo or being so sad or upset or what ever shit.


I'm going out tomorrow, I think it will be another alone day to me. Hopefully I will meet some good food and some good people who keep hanging a smile on the face, because you should just go to the kitchen because waiter should be friendly! 

----- RANDOM -.- -----

Days by days of repeating the same damn thing, I realize that friends are important in ones life, even you only got one, it's enough. But the very main thing is the one you think whether got think of you in the same way? 

We mustn't lie, because coward lies, and we aren't one of them.


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