Saturday, 23 March 2013

1st day of working. ( Actually it's yesterday -.- )

Okay, I decided to tell you all where the hell I'm working at. You can drop by and say hi to me, I'll wave back for sure. But try not to chat with me because me Jiah Kee told me the supervisor is totally a gangster lead. Lol later I get whacked then you gonna pay my medical bill and also my salary because I'll not able to work for days. Probably will get fracture. :O

Actually I never know she is so scary until my lunch time. ( Jiah Kee call it dinner because it's around 4-6, but you only can get one hour of rest, there are two shifts. ) We went for lunch then we still have another 25 minutes so we went to buy CoolBlog as in it's located just in front of my work place. Then Yee Jing said she wanna go toilet and asked us to get her order. Before she went off, Jiah Kee told her Ah Fong ( gangster supervisor! ) is in the toilet. But Yee Jing didn't hear it.

Within seconds, Yee Jing rush out of the toilet and said, " Ah Fong is in the toilet!!!! " Then Jiah Kee was like, " I told you already right? " Then I was like, " Because she is in there so you run away? Wth? "


I just realised I haven't told you all about my work place.

I work at F.O.S in Jb City Square. As you all see above, F.O.S stands for Factory Outlet Store, and all the clothes are quite cheap actually. There're brands like Levis, H&M, Raulph Lauren, Zara, Forever 21 and others. I never think of shopping in F.O.S because usually the clothes are stacked in so untidy was and the whole store is super messy thus most of them are weird brand. Only until yesterday, I think you can actually search properly to find good items in it because there're so many things that worth to buy.

And I also find the answer why the store is so freaking messy because you can't even tidy up a corner.

After I stack up the whole table of  clothes, then the customers will flip, push, pull, fold, move, elevate from up to down of the table. Then it becomes like what I haven't clean up. Lol then Pangli teached me that just don't go near to the most messy table, someone will go clean up one.  After I heard that, I don't feel guilty at all, because that's the truth. ;D So sometimes you also must think before you work, even it's just a part time job. Haha

And now they're having promotion like buy RM 100 then will get what cash rebate, I'm not sure about it but you can go to the counter and ask them. And F.O.S has just started the membership programme like you can have offer of 10 % for every purchase. I'm not sure about this too. LOL then they also got like what liking their Facebook page and follow their Twitter then you can get your membership in RM 5, and I'm also not sure about this. LOL

Haih, you just go to the counter and ask!

Sorry to say that it's going to be a short entry :( my working hours are quite troublesome for me to write entry. But no worries, I already figure out the way to fix this problem and keep my blog updated. Stay tune for more.  :D


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