Friday, 1 February 2013

Run : Paperman by Disney, Oscar nominated Best Short Film (Animated)

Paperman by Disney
Do you ever heard of this short film? Not very sure that how many of you had watched it because it was just uploaded to YouTube two days ago ( 30/1/2013 ). No need to doubt on Disney product because it's the quality confirm. Hahaha. And the second thing is this film is Oscar nominated Best Short Film ( Animated ), so no need another second thought because you must watch it. Lol

 Of course, trailer first. LOL

I wanna say sorry because until now I just realised that I can't find the video in YouTube through Blogger. -.- sorry. But nevermind because you can search it in YouTube YOURSELF or download in Torrent by the link below.

Download Paperman by Torrent!

Did you ever chase for something you want? A dream? A hope? Or maybe a handphone? Haha. Throughout our life, we've been looking for things that we want the most, the top students go for straight As, the singers go for the top rank, even the dogs fight for food. LOL why it sounds so wrong?

Today I went for the mock test for my NAFA entry test. The title for my paper was ' Childhood Playground '. What's the first thing came up your mind when you saw this? Actually I was a bit messed up when I saw this because it's kinda hard and it just two words and you gonna design something in 3 hours.

Luckily I made it. But no photo was allowed to take because of some rule and regulations, I don't really know about it. Lol

In my drawing, I drew a big eye, one sided, indicated an eye of a kid, looking at the playground with the reflection of the playground into the eye. But the playground was only a little small part of the black part of the eye because the rest I coloured it up with rainbow colours. I knew it's hard for you to imagine, hopefully I can get everything back after everything is over because there are some works that I really adore.

To me, children's playground was not the playground that we used to go, but the huge space of imagination that full with colours and thinking, dreams and thoughts. In the eye of the kid, it reflected the inner truth of the heart of a kid that the real playground that he/she owned.

I was quite satisfied with it because the colours around is so bright and eye-catching, created an illusion with space of imagination for those who are looking at it. LOL why I'm so shameless?! But I really found it great.

A kid, with imaginations and dream of pig flies, someone who once to be very innocent and kind. Who never been through that time? Sometimes, we tend to say that we wanted to go back GETchildhood that with no problems bothering us, but non of us really can let the things happening go. Haha. Maybe we just chase a rest, somewhere with no annoying stuff happen. How I wish I can go back to Langkawi now and go for a walk at the beach with super hot sun on top and icy ocean under me. Haih.

We dream for illusion, we run for aim.

Life goes on.


I always try to think out of the box and create something new, but yet I remain my style of drawing. Put all my works in line, you can clearly see all the techniques of water colour, sketching, colour pensils, magic pens, markers and ball pens in them and also the cohesive relationship between all of them. They tell a story!

Q : How about those who cant draw and design?
A : They use the same method, same colour tone, same style, same method, same technique, same materials and same character in different works. If you put all their works on the table, YES, they do create a significant cohesive design, but BITCH PLEASE, you cannot use the same thing in all of your artworks. Even you can pass the test, I'm sure that you can't survive in your future with your same old school technique and show your buyers, readers, viewers all the God damn same thing every moment!!!!! You never try the new thing but say you cannot make it,




Okay. Maybe I'm not that great, but I know that I cannot repeat the same damn thing all the time.

All the best for my next Tuesday.

I miss the time when the blue sky still blue.

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