Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Le Festin : Sakae Sushi @ JB City Square

I don't think I'm a lazy guy, I was sicked few days ago until today. Rather saying I'm sick, I think I just need to sleep for like 15 hours continously before I die.

Probably not the time yet. Lol. So after days of no update, I come up here to share you with my first try at the Sakae Sushi which newly opened at the JB City Square for a few months. I was thinking to give them a try since long time ago, but I'm freaking busy with others annoying stuff recently.

Sakae Sushi is an authentic Japanese restaurant, which is what they call themselves. It all started in 1997 at Singapore. A husband who has a wife that in love with Japanese cuisine ( which was expensive at that moment ), decided to start the business on the industry of food and beverage under the motivation of his wife.

Until today, there are 50 branches of the Sakae Sushi all across Asia with serving more than 200 varieties of delectables of sushi, sashimi and others with the freshest guarantee and inexpensive which is affordable.

Queue waiting to be seated.
Sakae Sushi in JB City Square is located at the third floor at the entrance of Inner City, the vibrant colour of the signboard can be easily spotted so no worries for not getting to this restaurant.

Interior of it.
The restaurant is conveyer-belted which provide you choices of sushi that freshly made, but to me, the choices are kinda too little. I love the design of it, Earth colours always sooth you with the warn white lighting, it just a perfect place to have lunch and dinner.

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As you all know, Sakae Sushi featured iPad for customers to order their food, which I'm in love with because I don't have to talk to those trainee waiters that don't understand me. Lol. You don't even need to open the menu because you can just flip through the iPad and straightly get your order.

My family and I are hungry pigs. I'm saying this because I don't want to make myself like hungry ghost from the hell. ( Although I'm :O )

Nice and cheap, must try!

The vinegar rice tastes so awesome in the inari skin! Must try!

California roll!

Taste normal and I don't think it worth the price, can exclude this in your order and don't take it from the sushi belt!

Spicy tuna and cheese!
Special and give a try! But it's a little bit spicy to me. :O

River eel and tamago!
Nice and give it a try! Plus, I think it worth the price.

Soft sheel crab in inari!
Superd! MUST TRY!!

Soft shell crab in crepe!
Superb too! Very special because there is no rice in it but only sliced cucumber and the veg! MUST TRY!
Deep fried potato thingy, I forgot the name. LOL
Kinda cheap so my sister ordered, the portion doesn't worth the price but the taste worth it! Give a try!

Hotate Mentaiyaki! Grilled scallops with mentaiko mayo and cheese!
Yakiniku ramen! ( Beef~)
Ebi Ten Jyu! Tempura prawns with egg!
The last three photos are the best food overall my order. ESPECIALLY THE SCALLOPS, IT TASTES AWESOME, MUST TRY!

The last two are so called the main course on the table, so I assume them are great, Lol. The Yakiniku ramen quite nice, I definitely will order it again! About the Ebi Ten Jyu, it's too dry to me but still a good dish. ;)

Definitely I will go for my second visit to Sakae Sushi !

For more information, kindly visit the official page of Sakae Sushi with link below :

Sakae Sushi Malaysia Official Website 


Last Saturday I went to a event for the Chap Gor May held at my Uncle's housing area, feel quite happy for meeting Mediacorp artist, Marcus Chen Jian Bin,   陈建彬, for giving performance. And I never know he sings so well. LOL although all old songs la. Hahaha.

Sudden Yap and  陈建彬 lol

And last but now least,

With mum and sis!

You never have confidence, and that's why you're a loser all the time.
I always believe in having faith is the right track to success, am I right?

Oh, bye..



  1. Hey,

    Thanks for posting some information about Sakae Sushi. However, I think you should polish your English and grammar before you write. I almost couldn't understand what are you trying to say. I believe you're translating many of them straight from Mandarin, which you REALLY shouldn't.


    1. You're welcome, at first. I feel kinda sorry for you because my grammar offended you. I know my English isn't that awesome but I know writing is my way of expressing my feelings, I know that I do straightly translate them and I think it's the personality for being a blogger? Maybe it's too controversial lol but nevermind, I will improve my English for sure. Thanks again. :)


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