Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Le Festin : Rosmarino @ JB

Turkey mushroom pizza.

 Italian food is always famous with their pizza and pasta, also, the risotto. It's very hard to find a restaurant that actually selling the original taste from Italy. But there is one place in JB which you must go. The owner of the restaurant is a husband and wife. Why I said it's very traditional taste? It's because the husband, who is the owner too, is an Italian.

 If you're looking for authentic Italian food, there you go. 

It's located at Jalan Kuning, where is just behind of Plaza Pelangi, details will be at the bottom of this post.

I went there two days ago with my family to have our dinner. It had been quite a long time since our last visit. Even the menu already changed to the new one.

New look!
The great thing about good food was no matter how the menu or the venue changed, the taste was always there. They never let me down because there food were awesome. Just like me. LOL. But the waiters were still the same -.-, quite hard to communicate with and the lady boss still looked so gorgeous. Actually she was my dad's friend. Hahaha.

As what I did last time, I ordered the same drink! XD too young to have wine so I got this UK imported iced tea drink which stated in the menu.

Passion fruit lemon!
It's not sugary, a tinge of sourness and tasted quite soothing. Lol. 

Grilled sea bass with dried tomatoes, asparagus and mashed potato as base in don't know what sauce. LOL

It just tasted nice, but I really forgot what sauce it was, but you could go ahead and give a try so you will know how divine the taste was. At first, I really felt so annoyed with the dried tomatoes but after I tried it with the sea bass, I only know the taste of the combination was great. The portion wasn't big but enough for me because I had two slices of pizza already.

Shown on top already.. so keep it small. XD
I ate a lot, even after I was full, so I ordered my dessert. I was thinking to try the tiramisu but I realised it's liquor contained so I decided to go for the chocolate souffle with ice cream.

Chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream!
The souffle was nice, the fragrance of chocolate was awesome, maybe you would thought that the chocolate would taste too sweet but NO, the sweetness only came after you mixed it with the vanilla ice cream!!! GOSH, you gonna put the ice cream on top because the souffle freaking hot, and it tasted great when it's mixed, it not too hot but warm and the original taste of cocoa was brought out by the vanilla ice cream.

As you all know, Italian ice cream is known as gelato, it's a bit elastic ice cream, you should give a try if you don't want to have souffle, they provided various of flavour.

Actually I only took photos for the food I ordered. LOL. My dad ordered Aglio Olio with shrimps and my sister was having rib eye i with blue cheese sauce. They all tasted fabulous.

They also provided 'live' lobster and oyster which to make sure everything was served freshly.

Address : Ros Marino Italian Restaurant
65 Jalan Kuning 2, Taman Pelangi
80400 Johor Bahru

GPS : 1.477374, 103.768179

TEL : +607-3339033

Time : Closed on Monday. 11 am - 3 pm and 7 pm till midnight.

 They provided services like party or any occasion with held in the restaurant. Buffet style also available. Call them for more information!
 I went to the entry test for NAFA, very hard question, as in very hard to bring out the meaning if you don't want to do it in a very direct way ( which is what I did -.- )...

But overall I'm very pleased with the end product, hopefully I will get TGD lol.

And I cut my hair! Only will post it if I take it.

Sudden Yap with sister @ Rosmarino before haircut -.-

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