Thursday, 21 February 2013

Good, better and the best.

It's another Thursday, just a normal one. And the only special thing happened was I went out. I went City Square and KSL City. My plan was going out to watch movie and get some good food so I can share my food trip you you all. But the plan didn't go right. So no food to introduce today.. Hahahaha

Last night I received a message from an old friend, who actually moved to KL for quite a time, and now he's back in JB until the day after tomorrow if not wrong. So I decided to change my plan to meet him up because he kinda good friend to me last time.

Turns out, yeah he's still a good guy. At least he become much more better before the time he left JB. It's ... how to say? The feeling of meeting someone who you didn't meet for so long, it just give me a weird feeling. Although we still chat well. Lol. But I'm quite glad that he's on his track on earning money for himself. I still remember when we just knew each others, he was a guy that kinda work for his dream? Nah, he was the type of people who want to earn a lot of money, it's a better way to describe him. Haha

People do change. He's so mature in mind for now, ( actually since last time HAHAHA ) and his look is so much different. He told me KL changes him a lot. Those people in KL are much more good in quality than JB, to adapt to the society, changes is needed. YES, I'm totally agree with him, it's not the game of hypocrite but the true way to success.

You cannot define one people by his job or even one look, if you want to say this in an old way, please don't judge a book by its cover. 


But, please God, save those youngsters who got freaking bad personality, oh God, how to say this thing. Urgh. I don't feel hopeless, even I failed a subject when I'm Form 2 because I know I will be better for the next time. Then I was like going to suicide when I met with my friend's friend.

I always think that JB is not that uncivilized than those third world countries, only until today, I know the truth is that the people has third world's mind. Oh come on, it's 21st century and please go back to your school and hold a book and take a pen, I don't care whether you don't like to study or you want to sell drug or you want to order for a hooker. 

It's 2013, I always think that the world gonna change. At least everyone is educated PLEASE. This is deadly, deadly to the society, to the government and to the country. What will others ( foreigners ) think of Malaysia? A bunch of monkeys teleported from thousands years ago with super long hair all over the body and cannot communicate with languages?!

The very first thing I want to blame is the parents on this Earth. I never know how good is my parents, until today. You all must think the God damn same thing too. You're educated, think in a mature mind and talented , all these things are given by your parents especially the way of thinking. They teach you about human, how bad they are and how good they can be. That's the starting when we begin to walk into the society. They are super responsible for the rest of our life!

Then is friends, you gonna make some good friends like mine! If you don't have, email me by clicking in the ' Contact Me ' page on top of my blog, so you can get my email address, and I will introduce my friends to you! Oh God, I feel so proud to have so many good friends, all the people surround me are the best. Maybe you will think that your friends also the best, but, HELLO, good friends won't make you got lock up at the police station and beaten up by the cops.

I feel quite well in my life until now, even though I'm still young, I met a lot of things that won't happen on all youngster nowadays. It's not that I'm making bad guy as friends, but the part of my social circle touches the boundary between good and bad. We cannot make ourselves become something bad, our souls should be white and pure, odourless and clean.

I'm not clean enough to teach others about the cleanliness of soul. But I know I'm living in a clean life for now. And I'm not going to stop this! Because this is how's life gonna be!

If you ask me how to become a better person:

Q : Hey! Sudden! How to become a better person??
My answer : Do what I usually do!

* upper one was a joke.

Q :Hey! Sudden! How to become a better person??
My real answer : Work on what you believe.

You cannot lie to yourself when you did something wrong, because you know what things are right. Face yourself, don't ever try to hide your real feelings even it can be controversial. Stay true, and don't, please don't make your family and friends feel shame.


Luckily I received my friend's SMS after I left. At least I know we're still friends. 

Sometime, friends are the real one who you really can talk off. And yes, I got them all.

This song is nice, you should give a minute to listen it. Hahaha..

Sorry, I can't find the original MV that I watched last night on Facebook. But a great song is all about how awesome the lyrics, isn't it? ( but I like to watch MV :O )

Sorry for being so emotional in this update, be truth, is the way of living and surviving. I know you can make it. And you're the best.

Sudden Yap in aztec printed tee from Malacca.
Oh, bye.

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