Monday, 7 January 2013

Watching movie again : Flawless

As you all know, I'm having super free time in my life now. Because the whole world has gone to college, left me alone! I called myself a pathetic life but my friends don't think so, maybe I'll think the same after I start my school. Actually I had registered for NAFA but now I think I'm going to register for another, Laselle. It's not that I wanna be like doudle-timing ( LOL ) but actually my mum totally forgot about that school. And you know what? My cousin actually told my mum Laselle got a super advance and beautiful campus. So, haih. Another portfolo need to be done but this is different with what NAFA required, they actually asked for a powerpoint with TEN ARTWORKS' photos in it along with description. Somemore, it must be viewable on Apple product. I'm not a fans of Apple but maybe it's time for to get one if I really wanna go that school. Kaijie is right, I should tell my dad that Windows 8 is so hard to use, so must get a MacBook!

So today, when all the white collars having Monday blues, I'm watching movie since morning. But what's very funny is I only finished one Movie because of being too choosy. Thus, when I finished half of the movie, I went for a driving class and came home at 0345 to continue it. Lol.

The movie I watched is Flawless.


What you must know first is that the movie is in ENGLISH and the length is 108 MINUTES ( ESTIMATED 1 HOUR 48 MINUTES ).

Demi Moore and Micheal Caine in the movie.
This movie is first shown in 2007, a long time ago when I'm only in age of 12. But in my very personal opinion, I found it nice. It's not action movie or those movies with high-tech animation but a story set in 1960s. The moment when diamonds are highly being explored in South Africa. Mr, Hobbs, a janitor payed by Micheal Caine, who is about to retire but don't wanna left with both hand empty. So he planned to steal diamonds from the company where Laura Quinn, casting Demi Moore, who works as a manager in London Diamond Corporation. 

At that moment, I mean the time of 60s, women are not very expose to the era of business and management, Laura is the first manager who succeed to get on this position with her different gender from the others in London Diamond Corporation. She is strong, clever in business and not a fool.

Whereas Mr. Hobbs actually is an uncle who wanna take revenge on the death of her wife. So he planned to steal diamonds from LDC as LDC is the only diamond distributor on Earth.

In some circumstances, I think that Laura is actually being used by Hobbs, but Hobbs said that he doesn't use her in the movie. LOL not all uncle look innocent. To get the codes to open the vault of diamonds, Laura is asked to steal the codes from the boss of the company, yes, she does succeed but the after story has began the climax.

By using the surveillance cameras' loopholes, Hobbs disappear from the sight of cameras and managed to get the diamonds, what unexpected is that he actually clear up the whole vault of diamonds which with the weight of 12 tons!!!

You must get suspense at this moment, because I also do the same as you. Lol, Hobbs is working alone without any help from others. He is old and fragile. Hahaha.  I cannot tell you the whole story because you won't watch it if I tell you. XD download as torrent at link below!

This movie is rated with the points of 6.7 out of 10 in IMDb, and actually critic by some reviews. But I actually found the movie quite nice, no in the way of story but in the way of the inner meaning that the story wanna tell us. I learn a lot with this movie and I know you will learn a lot too by watching it. It worth my time. And the diamonds in the movie is seriously gorgeous and super shiny and super bling.

Make me remember about Rihanna's new album, Unapologetic, with the first hit, Diamonds. Love her voice so much!!

Wanna know more? Faster go download it!!!

Flawless torrent!

Info and review of the movie? Go to IMDb and Wikipedia for more details of it.

Or you can watch it on PPS because it's available. Just type at the search bar with ( this : tianyiwufeng  ) and double click on the first result, the movie will be loaded and play!

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