Friday, 4 January 2013

Unexpected Surprise : Happy Birthday to Weishann!

From left : CY, Yuman, Weishann, Ang and Sudden Yap
Oh yes, it's 4th of January, one of my friend's birthday. It indicates that you just got older yea, Ws. Haha. We are very well planner, this is what I can say. Kinda self-lifting but seriously was a successful surprise party for her. 

Just a few days ago, we started a discussion on Facebook about to go for a karaoke session, and the date kept changing because of a ton of ( VALID ) reasons. Lol. Then it just fall on today, which was same with Ws's birthday. So as nature ability of us, we decided to give a surprise to Ws. But the surprise was an oldddd trick. We knew Ws always being more ... hmm. So we just used the plan we used to use. XD

What's our plan?

LOL. Act poker face and ACT LIKE NORMAL OUTING.

As our expectation, Ws said she was kinda emo when she reached because none of us was wishing her. XD All of us should go for an interview to be actresses!!! 

Music Band at Taman Pelangi.
We went to Music Band which was where we used to go for karaoke because it was super cheap comparing others. Information about this family karaoke will be at the end of the post, don't be nervous to rush there to clear your throat, read the story first. XD

We usually went there on weekdays between the time of 1200 - 1500. The price for these hours' entry is only RM 10.00. You can own the room for three hours with free flow drink, doesn't it seems so cheap? And what I realized is that the songs they provided in their karaoke system is much more updated than others. Only thing I hate is the karaoke system.

We actually didn't plan for the time to send in the cake. So when Ws went to washroom, I randomly asked them about the cake, so we rushed out and lighten up the candle on the cake. I personally instructed CY to go to toilet and stuck Ws from coming out. XD 

Niniq : Black Forest cake.
The cake was RM 48.00, quite expensive with such a small size but it's Niniq and the taste was guarantee. And the most important this was Ws got her surprise after she came back from toilet. But super awkward when she came in, as in we don't know what to do and stared at each other. LOL

Weishann and her cake!
At least she touched. So our plan was considered as very very successful. Maybe I'm too exaggerate. Hahaha.

Everyone was happy after the karaoke session, we didn't sing a lot but chat a lot. Maybe time really past in an abstract way, we are here in 2013 already, and the chance for us to meet again is getting more and more smaller. cherish all the moment together should be done before we get regretted. Lol, too emotional.

Ws's took a photo with her Instax.
Quite memorable because it's 18th birthday. Hahaha. Too bad that Yuman cannot follow us to KSL after that because she got class to attend.

Awkward -.-
So we went to KSL by taxi after the touching surprise birthday party. ( Self-praising again. HAHAHA )
We went to Black Ball to continue our talk until about 1830 if not wrong. We talked a lot, including the future planning.So wrong to be the one who stay at home while everyone already go for college. :/

Me and Weishann at black ball. Ohh my hair. -.-
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to the BIRTHDAY GIRL, WEISHANN! All the best for you in 2013 and of course be successful in the future, because we are so awesome on the road to success. WE ARE ZERO! Inner joke. LOL

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