Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Tune Down a Boring Moment : Mandora by Rayark

Mandora, a game that I actually just play for two days but I totally fell into its tempting music and animation. Addiction!!

It's an easy game designed by Rayark. Adorable characters in the game are one of the point of installing of the game. Thus, colourful interface really catches tons of attention from everyone's sight and hearing in all the dimension. It's a game about speed and technique that can easily make you drug on it. 

Let's take a look the game trailer :

I just wanna tell you all that this game is available on Android and iOS both platform plus IT'S FREE!

Enter the game with a huge Mandora on screen. Lol.
Plucking section in the morning!
Plucking section at night!
Points countinggggg.
Mandora Diary!
From play.google.com, I've got all the description of the game to share. Sharing is caring. Hahaha.


Prepared to be charmed by Mandora!Welcome to Moonycat Village, the favorite location for wizards to practice their farming, and the only place in the world where mandora seeds can be found.
Mandoras are not only powerful magic ingredients, these creatures that blur the line between animal and plant, magic and science, are also grown by Moonycat villagers into fashionable accessories or pets for wizards. Within a mere few years, hundreds of species have been popularized in the world of sorcery.
❖ Enjoy the Pleasure of Plucking ❖
Play as a farmer in charge of harvesting ripe mandoras. Pluck as many ripe mandoras as you can within the time limit to score points. Successful combos may also yield bonus time items as well as rare mandoras to collect.
❖ An Adorable Game Diary ❖
Collected mandoras are recorded in the Diary, an album with hand-drawn art and sound effects for the player to enjoy. Missing a couple of species in your collection? The Diary also offers hints!
❖ Challenge Yourself ❖
Players are ranked each time based on the game’s scoring system. Can you achieve the highest rank in the game?
-Simple, action-packed gameplay system
-More than 20 kinds of adorable mandoras to collect
-Diary with hand-drawn art – a gallery of your mandora collection
-Farming Statistics – personal records and stats
-Interactive tutorial – new players can pick up the game with ease
-More than 35 game rankings based on your performance
-Support local leaderboards, aim for the highest score!
-Support for English, Chinese, and Japanese
-Discover new surprises by playing during different times of day

This game had achieve 5 stars in both iTunes and Play Store. In Play Store, it's installs had achieve with amount of 500,000 - 1,000,000. Well, not a very great number but I guessed in a period, it will on tongue of everyone soon. Hahahaha. The game is connected to Facebook too, so that you can share your score to your friends.

About my ranking, my highest score is 46,811with the rank of Philosopher of Wisteria. Hahahaha, not a very high score in international level but a high score among my friends. XD

So now, press on the link below to connect to your application store if you're on iPhone or any android device!

Remember to tell if you have beaten my score ya, to show that there is room of improvement in me. XD

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