Monday, 28 January 2013

Tea-time in the town : 1651 Cafe @ KSL City

I went to KSL to watch movie with my friends days ago, and while we hang for lunch before the movie, we found an awesome cafe just located in front of the Arashi and can be easily spotted if you're standing at the Manhattan Fish Market. It's quite nice to get such a beautiful and relaxing place to have coffee because I'm stuck at home and bound from going anywhere far. Lol.

As you all know, some of my friends and I are coffee and tea lovers, I'm that kind of guy that can actually sit at the cafe and have my coffee for hours. Hahaha, maybe you all should do the same because it can charge up your battery. 

Camericano. I ordered because I kinda like the name. LOL very sophisticated taste and you all must try it.
The store is.. hmm.. how to say.. it's quite big as in it's located at the corner and the seats are available all around. 

One of the side of the cafe.
Seats are available at two front sites of the store, and this is the site that we sat.

Wall paper at the site we sat and the logo of the cafe.
To me, the seats are arranged in a very tide way? Haha, because I felt very pressurized like the seats at the other direction is going to slam at me. But still cozy. ;)

Various type of coffee to let you choose.
The menu is very brown in colour, they serve food and drinks, but what I really interested is the coffees that they served, because it's so many types of them. If you're not coffee lover, they also provided cooffee-free drinks like tea and soft drinks.

Little deco on the table.
The table is decorated, rather say decorated, there's a little pot of fake leaves and flower that I found interesting because it's custom made with their name on it.

You can clearly see what are the specialized f them and must be ordered. The coffee, tea and dorayaki. If you don't know what is dorayaki, I will show you bellow! And seriously, it's like the favourite food of Doraemon.

Dorayaki from 1651. Left chocolate flavour and right is strawberry.
They provide more than 15 flavours of dorayaki and one of them cost RM 2.90. It worth you to give a try.

Ramelccino. I guessed it's caramel with cappuccino. Haha
Very nice coffee with extreme fragrence and beautiful design on top with a tinge of caramel sauce.

Earl h-grey that served with cute glass that can only fill a little tea. LOL
They also served side dishes for customers so that you can enjoy chit chatting with your friends for hours!

The food that served isn't that great but the drinks are awesome. You can give a try and get something from there before you leave because they provide take away service too! XD but why not you just sit down and drink everything first. Haha

I definitely will go there again, so as you all. You can date me if you wanna have coffee with me, because I have 15% off for the next visit to the cafe, why don't you grab this privilege and enjoy the 15% off with me? LOL


Tomorrow I will go for a haircut, hopefully that it's what I want and please no surprise to myself. *finger crossed* XD. And tomorrow I gonna hand in my portfolio for NAFA, the whole thing is very tiring and it's making me so exhausted, but nevermind because it's gonna end so soon. No matter what, I will get the TGD, I know that. I'm currently on-going my driving classes and driving is very fun. LOL

Love is something simple in a very complicated angle.

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