Thursday, 3 January 2013

Stack Your Wardrobe : What to wear in 2013 Spring / Summer?

Hi! Let's talk about clothing today. Hahahaha. Of course included my style of wearing in the post! Please be chilled and finish reading all the tips I shared to you yea. XD

What you wear when you go out? What is your colour tone? What style you own? What is your definition of clothing? What to wear when you hang out with friends and family?

As a Malaysian, not a typical of course lol, I've seen what are the youngster nowadays wore and what I realized is that we are trendy enough. Why?

2013 Spring / Summer Fashion Week at New York had became one of the iconic event that people look into. The colour tone of last year, of course everyone knew it, the classic-vintage-copper-gold-lining-button and high waist denim and shorts for women; olive-green-earth-colour-vintage-old-jeans-classic-shades for men. And there's a big jump between last year to 2013. Maybe people wanna change themselves for getting a life after 2012 hahahaha.

So, vibrant neon and bright colour has become one of the most on sight wearing tone on street.

By Salvatore, a Florentine shoes specialist.

Whereas traditional African tribal prints go to the second.

By Dolce & Gabanna and Lalesso.
By Versace.
The two mainstream of the year is very loud and really stands out in the public. Neon colour surprisingly back on the runway after years of being bad treating by designers. But the tribal prints are quite trendy since last year Fall Fashion.

By Ralph Lauren.
But the prints remain what we used to wear since last year which are those Earth colours : olive green, ground and woody tone. It's a very beautiful twist by turning African traditional paintings into such a superior design that all of us run for it.

By Tommy Hilfiger.
In all the standard brands around the world had followed the trend but polishing it into what wearable and lighten the eyes' of others. Tommy Hilfiger had made a very great combination between neon and tribal by flow the neon color into the details of tribal prints.

By Louis Vuitton.
LV stands out with super eye blinking neon yellow with the classic checker design that actually looks chic but no old at all.

By Ellus.
Ellus create a line of denim with neon colours that goes well with any type of wearing. Attention seeker should get a pair of it for sure and my favourite is the neon blue-green denim that wore on the male model.

Ellus runway show.
From Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
Fashion leading Mercedes Benz fashion week with all the brands under the name had made a successful runway show with the neon line contribute by lots of designers. Of course one of them is one of the fashion icon , Victoria Beckham. 
Bright and vibrant colours and the details at the neck line is the main design of the fashion week. ring hole design at the neck with maxi dress made the overall design balance at a perfect point.

By Nautica.
By Nautica.
By Nautica.
Nautica, American sportswear, turns the neon colours into beautiful shorts, pants, and even shoes.I personally likes the designer for creating colourful prints on shorts. They are just perfectly great!!

By Petrouman.

By Petrouman.
Petrouman create a very youthful image for the young generation with his 2013 Spring / Summer line. The details of tribal prints make the overall design become so much more interesting. By doing the patches of checkers design ( top photo ), stands the design out of the box with the long-leading fashion by wearing Rome slippers with coloured-lines stockings.

My advice on wearing coloured tribal shirts are compiling them with earth colour shorts. It's a basic of colouring is you learnt art. When bright colors are meant to stand out, make the others remain silence. And that's the way I used to style myself when I got on a colourful top. Haha.

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