Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday, fruitful day.

This morning I went to the open house of NAFA to take a look and further explore about the school that I might be studying. Probably is it.
NAFA Campus 1
Basically the NAFA is seperated into 3 campuses, but I only went to Campus 1. The school gives me a really weird feeling, don't know why, just feel so creepy. Lol. The students are extremely friendly, maybe too friendly, they're like screaming around to welcome you. Hahaha. But it feels good at least not like those school with nerdy students. XD

I went to the art gallery there to look around the artworks done by NAFA students, all of them are great and quite meaningful in some way.

Eroded Pain.
The above one is one of my favourite, Eroded Pain. It's a sculpture made in copper. Damaged surface and sharp ends.

I got a lot of information that will make me successfully got into NAFA. XD But there's no time for me to play as the entry test fall on 5th of February, it's less than one month and I didn't even finish my portfolio. DIE. But nevermind, I will full use the days left, no worry. ;)

The are two happy things happened around me. Hmm, maybe one is happy, another is funny. The seniors at the school there who lead our group to visit around are damn cute and funny. They are Singaporean if not wrong because their Chinese is not that great. And before they let us enter the art gallery, they make a little discussion about what is flashlight in Chinese because flashlight is not allow. I think that Malaysian isn't that sucks, because we learnt English at here. But turns out the Singaporean said Chinese in a funny way and the Malaysians say English in another hilarious way. LOL.  Luckily my English is not that bad. Time to improve before I go Singapore!!

Another thing is this:

 I didn't follow the bus provided because I wanna go CS to but food. Then I get on this super bizzare , strange, weird, funny, LOL bus.

The bus is totally FULL with soft toys. The WHOLE bus. I estimate that there are 200-300 soft toys in it. Quite a large number huh. XD Why I said that it's a PATHETIC SOFT TOYS BUS because those soft toys are hang by very cruel way. LOL 

I guessed the driver used quite a time to poke through their brains, ears and necks to make sure they are fix at there. A large variety of cartoons characters can be found, easily. I saw some special one when I got a seat. Not that I don't want to take pictures of all of them, the problem is that there are TOO MANY of them!! Plenty of soft toys.. -.-

Seat-view, can see all those soft toy hanging at the windows.
Emo bear with one leg only and a Hello Kitty with left ear pierced. LOL
Emo bear close up, actually he quite cute la, just lack of a leg,
Hilarious Mickey Mouse that hang upside down.
Vertical crocodile.
Female king kong. Sorry for the shake.
That's all I got but there are plenty of them. Maybe you should try your luck see whether you got a chance to get on it. It's a bus to Masai.

Oh ya, last night was funny too because I only know that got people cannot spell Jusco correctly and not wrong for one time but three times. XD

Hope that I can drive to Mount Austin after I got my driving license, because Leshan said she wanna pay my Tutti Fruitti. 

But she said I never get my license also okay because Ang can fetch me.

LOL like Ang is not studying at the same school with you!! XD

Tunnel always end with bright light, have a little faith and I believe you sure can achieve your dream. Life's great in some way if you're optimistic, don't ever look at the dark side or your life will never move on to the new stage.

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