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Movie : Rainie Yang's - Wishing for Happiness 楊丞琳 《想幸福的人》微電影

Have you watched Rainie Yang's Wishing for Happiness? So called 《想幸福的人》. I know it's an old sone and an old movie but I never know the exist of this movie. LOL.

* before you continue read this, I have to tell you that the movie is seriously about love, and it's only love without depending anything, so please be considered before you watch it. :) *

It's divided into three part, throughout this short movie, it really brings out some reality in life about love. 

There was a line from Rainie that I'm in love with. I translated it into English. Haha. 
" It's not that the one who can give me happiness is my love, it's the one I love is my happiness. "

Maybe I translated in a wrong way, but nevermind, because you gonna watch it below, so that you can define your own happiness. 

 Trailer :

In some way, we tend to believe that happiness if love, but we don't realise the truth that hidden behind. Maybe one day you will only realised that love is not the way of your mind, but happiness is the thing that you really think of. 

Part one :

Part Two :

Finale :

What do you feel after watching this? 

After I watched it, I got sudden feeling about the life I've been going through right now, it's not about I'm searching for love or anything but the sudden feeling about happiness can be love but love is forever happiness. Sometimes, we lost in the seperation between love and happiness, but we cannot lie to ourselves all the time, isn't it?

So it's time for you to rest and take a breath, time and fate are the factors that bring us everything. It just happen all the time on my friends, love is not a property or something to show off but something that takes a life time and you will never how it comes and how you lost it. 

The song really works well with this film,

Love is something that can exist even it's only one second, but you never know the second actually had fallen on you. Just.. don't chase for it, because if it's belongs to you, it definitely will become yours in one day, you can work for what you believe but you cannot lie to yourself after a some time. Stay true is the way to live with.

Once she said,
 " Love is as simple as a love song, just that your love song is different from mine. "

You can have imaginations for your life, but it's only 15%, the others are reality that can be cruel and we can't escape from.

Some behind the scene for the finale part :

Maybe you think that love is something that can actually produce by time, but I can tell you that true love is something that last for a lifetime, it you lost it half way, move on.

Time is love, lol, makes me rememeber this :
then this :

We can make ourselves to believe in love, time proves everything.

Maybe you're someone that who cares about the sexuality in love, hmm, so please don't be offended, but I think that it's 21st century and we must live along with what the world is living with, you can disagree and don't let it happen on you, but you have no right to control others' love.

Find yourself, never lost in yourself.

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