Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mix & Match

On my last post, I said about the another College of Art that I just discovered, Lasalle, maybe you guys don't remember but I just wanna say that I'm dropping my mind on it and concentrate on NAFA, and nothing can stop me, 'cause I'm going to get the TGD and no one gonna stop me!! Lol.
While I'm doing the portfolio for NAFA, it just make me think about one of my favourite painting.

Starry Night by Van Goph.
I'm kinda sure this is the original because I get it from Wikipedia! -.- after I search in Google Images and realized there are tons of copies on Earth.. very significant drawing method with thick oil and paint on canvas. It just mean a lot in any angle, the waves of cloud, the houses, the 'tree' and the big bang between yellow and blue, a hot and cold.

I've been thinking a lot these days, I actually doing not much since I'm not going school. Not meeting my friends is the main thing that trouble me. I really wanna go Mount Austin that side to have lunch since they all are there. Even Yuman said she gonna pay my lunch, BUT I DON'T HAVE TRANSPORT. After reading Leshan's blog, I can imagine how fun is college. My life is so dull, everyday, dull.

But the main thing is I feel that I'm freaking busy. What I did these days :
  1. Driving class that makes me so frustrated.
  2. Creating new artwork that makes me so tired.
  3. Go for NAFA pre-test that makes me feel so wrong.
  4. Listen to songs and sing it loud while no one is around that makes me feel sad.
  5. Laughing without reason and making weird sound that makes my mum says I'm insane.
  6. Watch movies that I've watched for a thousand times! Eg, Ice Kacang Puppy Love, 初恋那件小事, X-Men, Hong Kong movies and a lot! Only a few new one like Flawless and 500 Days of Summer (superb!).
  7. Self-deceptioning that I'm not alone.

What makes me feel better is my new piece gonna be done! Hopefully it's something that can make me into the door.
 Besides, Chinese New Year is coming. That's the thing that I hope for it to come earlier every year, it's all because I gonna meet all my cousins. It's weird but no matter what, I feel so happy and bliss when I saw them. It's like I can chat forever with them. My sister is coming back from Taiwan!! Next Wednesday going to fetch her at Changi Airport at night! XD
I also kinda miss last year's Chinese New Year, about my friends coming my home. It just like yesterday but actually a year. OMG, I'm aging so fast. Lol. How I wish this year they gonna come again and I gonna go their houses too! Maybe it's hard, it just maybe.
I listen kinda a lot of songs these days because I'm so boring and slacking around and walking like a zombie in my house. Hmm, so long didn't play Plants Vs. Zombies.
 A boring game that I played in Form 2, and I remember XYN, Kim and I went to the library and play it in school with those old and lousy computers.

This long holidaysssss are making me into super no life.Want me to prove it to you? I still remember few days ago, I feel so boring when I sit in front the screen, so I click on the URL bar and I enter with,

If you feel boring too, you should go try ahead, the games are a very good pass time. But what really happened after I log onto the Neopets,
But nevermind, you can enter your email address so that it can send you the password.

So again, I watched movies again. LOL NO LIFE TTM.
I'm going for another pre-test tomorrow, wish that I can do well!! And I think I'm baking some cakes or cookies as my life is so easy for NOW. I also wanna drill my drawing skill too! Urgh, this time I'm not going to let my TGD slip over my toe. XD
If you wanna give a try on my cake or cookies, tell me, so I can keep some for you. Hahaha.
Wanna know more about my friend, Leshan? Go her blog and take a look, she is good. LOL
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