Thursday, 10 January 2013

Les Misérables : Breathtaking Musical with Heart

 So you watched Les Misérables? Maybe it will be suffering for you to watch a movie that actually sing from the first second to the last, but to me, it's much more better than other musical movie I ever watch. I guess you will think about Phantom of The Opera when I said it's a musical but it's not that much to me. It's something very great, very touching.

It's starring many pro actresses in it. I never know Hugh Jackman can sing.. hmm. And Russell Crowe's voice is very surprising, it's thick yet clear. I love Anne Hathaway and Samantha Barks, they are awesome with superb voices. About Amanda Seyfried, she is way to a super high pitch. Lol. but still nice voice.

Do you know what's Les Misérables about? It's a combination of a variety of emotions, feelings and meanings. In simple word, it's a love story. Very compact, love on lovers and country, passion of the hearts, emotional in the eyes and voices that lead you into the scenery of the movie. It's France, my favourite country. Hahaha.

What happened today is very special, I actually lost my ticket after I bought it. The stupid Malay guy at the cashier said he cannot reprint another ticket for me and I'm very pissed. Luckily I know where I lost it or I will missed a chance to watch such a great movie. ( Last time I lost my ticket at CS Cathay, the manager lead me to the entrance of the cinema and let me in, serve me damn well. )

It's quite touching, and the costumes are great. Very significant classic.

You can actually get the story with these posterss with the names of the songs they sang in the movie! XD

Freedom is mine. - Jean Valjean
I dreamed a dream. - Fantine  ( * her version of I dreamed a dream is OMG, watch it  below!!!! )
I am the law. - Javern
Heart full of Love. - Samantha Barks ( * this is GREAT! )
Heart full of Love. - Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne
This song not nice to me, no need to say a word. LOL. The girl is the Helena Bonham Carter.
Must listen to this, I nearly cry, Anne Hathaway is a great actress.

A fruitful day, I went for NAFA pre-test and watched Les Misérables alone. A long movie but not a boring one. And I drank a cup of bubble tea from Zi Zai Xuan when I went home.

Green tea with pearl less sugar.
The less sugar is making me sick. After the ice are melted, the whole thing taste so bitter, but the fragrance is still what I like. Hahaha. And very very happy today, just don't have any reason, maybe I forgot about it already but still it's in my mind.

Sometimes we try to let things that we can't achieve to be in the pass, we always say that but not many people really done it. So I discovered that you just need to think about something else that you're ongoing now and make yourself sink in it, slowly the sad stuff just faded. In some way, you do feel better, better than before, and better for your future. I feel guilty sometimes, I feel sad sometimes, I even pretend things that WON'T happen tend to be HAPPENED. Thinking of someone and actually pretend the one is there, just like what Samantha Barks sang in Les Misérables. Even rain can't be felt.

After reading The Secret, I thought that I can fully use it, but turns out it just another self-deceptioning action, we must be grateful for what we are having!!!

The NAFA portfolio is making me sick, I doubt on myself on getting the TGD, I don't know whether I can make it or not, I'm so freaking tired with all those bad comments, all those stupid and wrong information. Hope things just go in what I want.

Pretend you already got it. It's what I learnt from The Secret.

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