Monday, 21 January 2013

Freedom of speaking : Listen and LET ME SPEAK

I saw a few videos on YouTube and also heard about it from my friends about these videos. Did you watch them?

Today, I just wanna talk about freedom of speaking and what the hell is respectation on my very own opinion. Just like what is shown in the video above, about how she tells about respectation to older generation.

You know what? I really don't give a shit 

to those bastards that talk shit about how good they are. And I seriously think that education cannot be discussed on the same perspective with age. If you're so proud of your life throughout your journey in fighting to achieve a higher level of respectation, oh God, get a pen and start to write your memoir and see whether there's any publisher who gives a shit.

 If really a publisher who gives a shit,

 please read the reviews and feedback from the big variation of public that who really agree with your achievement on your point of view.

It's not cool for being like showing off your wrinkles, screw and humiliate a girl that kinda younger than you in front of two thousand plus of people and media. To me, you're totally drag down your image and your reputation. Opps, this is is much more bad if you don't even being respect at the first time. If you ever think that a humiliater should gain some respect, why don't you just go to a church or temple and ask for a forgiveness from God to wash your sin if you're seriously too free. Use your time wise like the girl who did her work and ask a tons of serious questions that we all eagerly to get an answer. But what hell that the ‘older’ lady told?

 In the video above, the lady just said a tons of shit that super uncivilized by comparing human with animals who actually different with human that have been known as homosapien, the highest level of animal l with a complex brain.

 And seriously, a cat don't eat bone, you this freaking weird brain should be recycled. You said everyone has problem? And you know what? You're the biggest problem ever. Lol.

Then before the animals statement, you said respect older guy. LOL who the hell told you that every aged people should be respect? An old uncle that rape a girl shouldn't be caught? Like what Namewee said? I don't really fond his video clips, but in some angles, he really talk about facts, rather that the older lady who only know that cat eat bones. Check on this:

I saw a lot of responce towards the video I posted above, the first one which is the debate between two human. Hahahaha. Hilarious for serious, you can get yourself on YouTube and just simply type listen listen listen and thousands of video can be linked around. I don't wanna said that the lady is wrong because she wasn't, we need to learn how to respect others, she tell the fact ( which I think is the only fact of all the bullshit she said ), but she is not making herself to be someone who need to gain respect, not even a little. 

I feel kinda bad for her in some circumstances, she said we only watch the last part of the overall activity, but you know what? We can know a person by only listen to one of your sentence, so no point for you for asking us to watch everything and for serious, you should ask for forgiveness from the public. Who am I talking about? Actually I'm quite in a blur too, but, HEY, SHUT UP and LISTEN TO ME!


Actually today post, I just wanna raise up the human that who don't really know to speak out their opinion, I salute to the girl who stood up and ask questions because not all of us can make it. But she is not brave to me at all, she just take the RESPONSIBILITY for being a part of Malaysia. To the lady in the video, she is super BRAVE, she knows that it may become something politic but still she continue with her annoying " listen listen listen " even in the press confrence. How bad she is? Who am I talking again? Oh you stupid please LISTEN AND LET ME SPEAK!

I don't wanna get myself on politic, youngster don't talk about this, because we only know how to share them on FB, we kept silence and the result will prove us. You can disagree me, but you don't ever said that I'm wrong because I never said that I'm right. I have the right to speak, when I speak, you listen. LOL

So you see how annoying it is? Hmm.

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