Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fetching sister from Taiwan!

So yesterday I went to Changi. XD it's like so long didn't go Singapore with my family already, feels weird by the way. Lol.
 It has been four and a half month that my sister went to Taiwan for study, if you followed me in Instagram then you should know this, if don't know, faster follow me in Instagram! XD The feeling is kinda weird because it has been so long longgg time didn't see the real person of my sister instead of using Skype. 

While waiting and feel so boring, so we camwhore.
My new passport cover bought from Malacca.
The waiting at Changi Terminal 1 was so long, because we reached there too early, but fortunately the flight was landed earlier!!! for 9 minutes.. -.-

While waiting, we went to have Starbucks, surprisingly because Starbucks don't have WiFi, but Changi this kind of world-class-airport, of course WiFi was available. I just feel so weird, my younger sister was like cannot survive without connection. 

Hojicha Tea Latte, combination of roasted tea with milk and classic syrup.
My second time of trying Hojicha Tea Latte was great, the taste was still the same of course. And my mum also love it! XD you should give a try before the season drinks end. Very smooth and great fragrance of tea with a tinge of powdery feeling after you drink it.

Sudden Yap and her sis.
Sudden Yap and his mum!
We were freaking boring while standing at the arrival hall, even the flight was landed, the human on it was like never came down from it. 
My sister! Sorry for the blur. LOL
After a long standing session, she finally came out. Hahaha. Before I reached there, I asked my mum whether my sister would get me some gift or not, and I also said that if there was a gift, I would be very happy and glad. Turns out, it's a big disappointment. LOL but nevermind, she did brought back some Taiwan specialist.
The name of the bakery.
The box!
The packaging!
It tasted so awesome, just like me, the only different is that I'm not food.

Chinese New Year is around the corner, I'm very excited to see all my family members, and we are having a family trip to Malacca too. Hahaha XD


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