Monday, 14 January 2013

Essential choosing, ordering and billing tips. LOL

Basically every time I went out with my friends, if we didn't plan our activity at first, mostly every time we will be very frustrating when finding a spot to have our lunch. 
Teriyaki chicken chop from SDS, Kota Tinggi.
What I'm going to write is only essential for Chinese youngster. I'm not being racist, because I only know about my race. Lol.

Nowadays, we don't prefer to have Chinese food when we're out there with friends. I usually will choose a Japanese restaurant because my favourite is always Japanese cuisine, but then I'm still fine with others. What I observed from my friends is that they almost eat everything, rather than saying that they eat everything, they don't dare to say out what they wanna eat actually because he/she will have to take all the responsibility of the lunch that we are having. Lol. 

It can bee easily seen in a conversation that often happen when you hang out with your friends.

A : Eh, what you wanna eat huh?
B : Aiya.. I also don't know leh, you choose la, I'm fine with everything.
C : McDonalds?
D : Don't want.
A : Kinsahi?
C : Don't want, too expensive.
E : Summer?
A : CS's Summer is under construction la!!!
C : Season? -.-
B : Walao, don't you feel very sien? I eat the whole menu already laa!!
D : Or we go Sushi King?
A,B,C : =.=
E : Then what you all want to eat???!
B : Aiya, you all choose la, I'm fine with every type of food!
A : Me too!  ;)
C : Okay, so we go eat AK Noodles.
D : Oi, say some relevant idea la.

So, why you guys don't just shout out what the hell restaurant you all wanna have? LOL
Actually I usually being quite choosy when having food, it's not that I have bad personality, it's because I want a quality life! ;) XD

Tips of choosing a restaurant that fits everyone :
  • Must STOP and STAY at a position until you all done with the discussion or you will faint for getting too hungry.
  • Cut out those restaurants that everyone don't like.
  • Choose your main dish between rice, noodles, meehoon, sushi and a piece of meat.
  • Pick the type of cuisine by referring to the result when choosing main dish.
  • Get your feet at the door of the restaurant chosen and flip throught the menu to check the price to see whether it is valuable.
  • DON'T go in first, ask everyone whether the restaurant is okay. If OKAY, ask the waiter and tell the number of seat required; if NOT OKAY, faster walk away before the waiter ask you anything.
Tips when everyone got different cuisine:
  • Change your mind to fit in others thinking.
  • OR, get mad and make sure everyone fit into your thinking. LOL
 Tips to choose your food:
  • Check your wallet and see how many bucks you got.
  • DON'T look at those food that over budget.
  • Check the table to see whether there is a promotion package.
  • Flip through the menu and stop at the food that you might want to order.
  • Make sure you will finish the food before you order it!
  • Check the taxes and charges. Usually restaurants in a shopping mall will be 16 percent. Government tax and service charge.
Tips when you order your food :
  • There are two ways of ordering, one is everyone order their own; or one of the group order for everyone.
  • Usually it's more convenient for one to order for everyone when the group is small.
Tips before you ask for a bill:
  • Unlock your phone and open calculator.
  • Type out the price of your food and times it with 1.16 because of the 16 percent of tax and charge.
  • Formula, ( price of your food ) x 1.16 = ( total price you gonna pay )
  • Eg, ( RM 13.90 ) x 1.16 = ( RM 16.124 )
  • Someone in the group gather the money, calculate and make sure everyone got back their changes.
  • The 'someone' calculate the amount of money again to make sure the money is correct.
  • BILL!!
It's very easy when everyone is hungry because you don't choose the food. So don't get mess up next time when hang out with your friends for a lunch. :)


Today I baked some pineapple tarts/cookies.
In dark
In bright. LOL
It's quite easy to bake and it's very nice. The dough is just nice between soft and crunchy but it's a bit dry. Haha.

Last night, oh, it's early in the morning, after twelve, I watched a movie that showcase in 2010, I don't know why, just got a sudden feeling to watch it.
Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Fire
It's available in torrent, just type the English name above, and download it! It's quite nice for me, but it's another movie with bad reviews. Hahaha. Still, it's worth my time to watch.

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