Friday, 18 January 2013

Awesome Friday!

The Tower
Today I went to KSL to watch movie with Kai Jie, Weishann and Cheng Ying. We actually planned to meet up at KSL at 2:30 but end up we meet up at 3:15. -.- Nevermind, I know Weishann always like to be late. Lol. Tsk.

We meet up at J.Co because I'm freaking boring while waiting for Weishann and Cheng Ying.
Iced J.Cocino ( don't know the spelling lol )
 Only realised that I ordered wrongly after I tasted it. Haha. The one I love is in Frappe not Iced. We ended up chatting at there because our movie was 4:30. Haih, how I wish my school starts earlier. * finger-crossed * hopefully I can get TGD. 

By the way, congratulation to Cheng Ying for getting a new phone! Hahaha.

Movie tickets XD
The movie was great. Quite touching with elements of family, love and the heart of those fire fighters to save lives. The chairman of the tower and the some sort of officer of the fire station were damn selfish, choosing to save those people with high commitment and well-known, sharpen up the presentation of fire fighters that choose to save everyone. 

It's not a long movie to me. Overall is quite nice because no drag and meaningless scene. Even it's quite action and kinda sad but still some scenes that gonna make you laugh especially when those guy deep into the pool and keep asking for help from angels. LOL

Trailer :

And the fire is so real with the collapsing of the building, bring the movie to the climax and make you so nervous!!

Then we went to Leng Jie Soya Bean to have some dessert. Too bad that Kai Jie gonna leave soon. And we only realized we didn't take group photo before he left!

Group photo of three, why Kai Jie left so early? ( awkward faces. XD )
The soya beancurd was hmm, normal to me. I suggested you all don't give a try, should just go Black Ball just two steps from it. Lol. Very happy though, at least we got a place to sit and chat. We talked about the driving class that we are taking recently, and realized all those uncles are quite annoying. LOL

Before I left, I saw this.

Chatime at the entrance of LG.
So next time I don't have to travel so far to get one cup of it. Hahaha. And thanks again to Cheng Ying's father for fetching me!


Sweating strawberry that I drawn recently. I edited it into red colour. Original in black and white.
Life's not that hard when you look straight to the end. God blessed.

Cheng Ying haven't own an Instagram account, so no promoting of her. LOL

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