Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A story, of love.

I read a blog post just a few minutes ago, it's a simple post with no words but a link of video from YouTube which is from one of my favourite artist, and one of my favourite song. I never really watch this MV until today.. maybe I should thank her for blog this MV. Haha


watch here. LOL

If you're one of his fan, probably you will know this song. It means quite a lot to me, and maybe to my friends. At first, I never know this song until I saw the tittle of it, which raise a little of my interest listen to this song. And I really like it even before I watched the MV.

I have a little story to share, hope that the story will change a little of your point of view, and lead you to a better life..

6 years ago, a boy met a girl online, who really caught his attention after looking on her photos, don't know why, as what they said, love was something unexplainable. 

In hours, they started to know each others, and in days, they decided to meet up to know more to each others. They had been holding each others hand while watching movie, hanging around for dinner and smiling to each others. 

Things had been going so great until one day, she told the truth to him about the reason why she inbox him and started to know him.

She had been loving another boy for a time, but it's so one-sided and he looked exactly like the boy with the specs and the hair which made her decided to make him become the substitution of the desire for getting the boy who didn't want to accept her love.

He cried, because he always thought that she was true to him, but the truth always kill, she didn't want to hurt him but she couldn't lie to herself anymore, so she asked him whether willing to become the substitution, the fake lover with the fake status.

" No matter what, I just want to smile, and that's enough. ", he said.
" I don't want myself to be happy but I want you also feel happy.. ", she said.

 She told him a lot about the boy, and he knew how she loved the boy so much, so deeply, so uncontrollable. He always listen to her, gave her advices. Until one day, she started not to reply his SMS, and avoid any contact with him.

From their mutual friend, he got her news and knew that the girl started to feel annoyed from him because of his messages and phone calls. He was so sad because he never know that the fake love between them was so vulnerable. But nothing could be done, but chose to leave her world.

One day, he received her Whatsapp, telling him that she loved the boy so much and feel so helpless. He was shock but yet happy because it had been a long time that she never contact him. He thought that this conversation would be longer.

As usual, he comforted her with all the fake words with his fake feelings, telling her that love was something that required time and fate. But the truth was he wanna told her again that he loved her. 

He didn't get his chance, because the conversation ended with a message that never got the reply.

He told himself, it's time to forget her, everyday, everytime, but he couldn't do it. He never know the feeling of love could be this strong, but he knew the only way was to bliss her happiness. So he decided to stay silent.

Another usual morning, while he gone through his Facebook news feed, he saw she was going overseas with a boy. A boy with specs and the hair, just like the boy last time she showed him. He knew it might be the true love to her, or maybe another substitution of love, or another bargain between sex and relationship. But the thing that he could never change was she never fall in love with him again, he couldn't hold her hand again, and he would never hug her again.

How many times he told himself to let go but time by time he made her a friend. And he knew the girl was coming back soon, without any SMS from her telling him that she had landed safely or she got some souvenir for him. He knew, he had became the thing that she wanted to forget.

But he knew, he would always love him, because he got a lot of time, time for him to be wasted on her, for love.


We always lie to ourselves, because the truth can be cruel. But what we cannot lie is that the thing that not belongs to us, it will never become ours.

If you love someone, say it out loud, at least you will never regret in the rest of your life.

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