Sunday, 6 January 2013

6/1/2013 : First Sunday After New Year!

Well, it's the first Sunday in 2013. A normal Sunday thoug7h. Lol but I actually did a lot of things today compare the Sundays that I had been through last week. XD. My family went for a morning jog at the Taman Merdeka about 0745, damn late because some of us did over slept. Maybe I should point at myself... :/ 
Hahahaha! But the jog wasn't so delay la. ( Usually we finish jog at 0745. ) Lol.

Hua Nui Restaurant.

We went to Hua Mui for breakfast because none of us was giving relevant idea for the breakfast destination. Then my sis was thinking about the chicken chop of there so as her wish, we step in the restaurant for the first meal of the day.


Chicken chop transformed into chicken sandwich. Hahaha
I could understand that it's not good to have such heavy food in the morning. So let it go bah.. hopefully next time I can grab a bite on what I craving for. 

Coffee lo, but not so nice. Too bad.
I'm not so adore the food at Hua Mui but the surrounding was what I want to have my breakfast.

Corner at the window. ( I don't know why this photo is not upright! )
Very old but still a taste of vintage on the wall and photos hanging around.

The breakfast was still okay to me. Then we went for a grocery shopping that I merely forgot my last time of it!

Tsing Tao Beer.
Saw this at the beer section and remind me about BEER. But I couldn't found the Taiwan Beer that I want even I turn JB around.

Who can get me one? ;(
I kinda miss the holiday at Langkawi Island, with all my friends, and having drinking at night. LOL
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Then I went home, blah, blah, blah. Super long story to tell. Just need to know that I went home after the grocery shopping and bath in the bathroom. After that my sister went to ballet class and my parents and I decided to go CS for shopping. Due to many things, we end uo not enough time to go for the shopping before my sister's class ended. So no choice, we gonna delay our plan to pick her up for lunch then only go for the shopping.

Son Huat Bak Kut Teh.
Very nice bak kut teh in town, and so near to my house. Hahaha. It's located around Plaza Pelangi.

Bak kut teh!!
Chicken cook in sesame oil!!
The lunch is so SOPHISTICATED. That's what I gonna define the bak kut teh I had. Haha.

Then we went for shopping at City Square which was super crowded. 
Actually my mum was the only one who end up with things in her arms. =.= and my sis also got a pair of heels.

Camwhore with mirror at Hush Puppies!
Again!! LOL but different mirror XD
The whole day was so tiring... but still happy la. The day ended up at home because everyone was so tired. Hahaha. Actually I wanna watch Upside Down!! Who wanna watch with me???!!

So trouble with my future.. haih.
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