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Le Festin : Witchery Ider

" Throw off the bad mood, let the magic give you happy idear. "

Witchery Ider, found in Taiwan since more than 20 years ago, a brand of bubble tea franchise company that name themself as the tea-maker that clean from colouring and flavouring, and that's had turned into the reason for all the customers to keep their support to them.
2003, Witchery Ider had marked down their first foot-step in Batu Pahat, Johor, with the same concept of using the original flavour from the nature and bringing the best taste of tea into Malaysia. 2007, Witchery Ider decided to start their franchise business for opening the first branch at Muar. Continue-ing their foot-step of succession, they had own 28 branches all around Johor. 2010, Witchery Ider entered the climax of their business by launching their first branch at Singapore and in the following year, they opened their next branch at the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
So today, I went to their branch that located at Kota Tinggi, Johor that located at 124-126, Jalan Mempelam, Taman Kota Jaya, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor.
Tel : +607-8823362
Very first look.
It located at a site of old stored. But the red colour as the main tone of their store has stand them out from the ordinary-deck-of-stores.
Seats and tables are available at outside for smokers.
First look in the store.
Unique desin of sign board with their name on wall.
Designed wall that seriously look similar with me home!! Maybe they steal the idea from my house. Hmm... Hahaha
The inner look of the store is relaxing as it enhanced with warm lighting system. Hanging ball-like lamp gives a very unique and special look that build up some speciality for the store. I personally very adores the white chairs with holes, it inspired me.
The store has a corner of sofas that provide an area of home feelings for homesick fellow. Hahaha. Besides, TV is available is you feel boringgggggg.
The waiters are friendly and really looks like those secondary students that working part-time. You can ask for introducing the menu because they are well trained throughout the menu. Their provide a large variety of food including asian and western. Of course, their bubble tea is the first page of menu, or you can go to the front bar to take a look on their menu over the head.
Menu that hanging just at side of the entrance.
Well, now you know how many flavour that they can make for you. Hahaha.
I went their with my cousins and we decided to order some chef's special that marked on menu. ( There are damn lot of chef's special!!! )
BBQ Chicken Rice.
The long bean is kinda salty. -.- but the chicken is fabulous. Sweet and juicy are the first impression when I gave the first bite!
Mushroom Spaghetti with White Sauce. Very creamy, extra onion in the sauce taste sweet and neutralise the thick and creamy feeling in your mouth. But it is too hard for one to finish it because I don't think one will like to have a plate of noodles and go for puking. Hahaha. The spaghetti is cooked nicely, not soggy at all.
Cheese-baked Spaghetti with White Sauce. Another spaghetti that actually taste quite same with the last one. But the cheese on top are very great on chewing.
Of course, there are still many, many other food on the menu, step in to get a chance to take a look onto them. They provided a variety of choices of snackes, all are great, just like how awesome I am. XD
And all of us ordered BUBBLE TEA!!
From left : Japanese Roasted Milktea with pearl and grass jelly, Green Milktea with Green Apple Jelly and Pudding and Pearl, Honey Green Tea with Pearl, Original Milk Tea with Pearl.
I didn't try their Witchery Ider Milktea because I had tasted it for many time. The Ider, so called coffee jelly is very nice in chewing and gives a very great fragrance and aroma of coffee. With the combination wih Original Milktea, it probably will blow your mind!
My order is the honey green tea with pearl, which enhanced with honey flavour that kinda too sweet to me. My personal point of view is that if you order this, request for less sugar. The pearl is spongy, still fine for me. I do taste the others, all of them have their special taste and I do very in love with original milktea because the great taste of milktea with a thinge of icy feeling sooth me and bring me up, a lot.
Woohoo!! Wifi available! Password is just at the corner of your table, very convenient to the customers. You can easily check-in at here because it is noted in every social app already. XD
A card that record your order and a free cup of large milktea will be free at the eleventh!!
LOL. Delivery service is available too, but only for residents around Kota Tinggi. Maybe I should try this next time! XD
The food trip to Witchery Ider is a good experience. You will realise that there are still a lot of food and things that waiting for curious guy like us to explore. And I totally NOT disappointed by them. Very good services and good food with quality surroundimg. Their rest room look great actually, but very weird to take photos of toilets. Hahaha. It actually secured by surveillance cameras, very safe.
There's no reason for not going such a great store, a very good place to hang out with friends and family. So give a try to them if you do go Kota Tinggi.
Any great place with great food? Introduce to me so that I can tell the world how great they are!
You know the way to tell me. ;)
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