Saturday, 9 August 2014

Photocopy in Malaysia vs SG

So I was  one of the people who assume Malaysia had cheaper items on overall view, Singaporean love to have their weekend spent in Jb because it's so much cheaper no matter clothes or daily product from tissue to shampoo.

It's was very surprisingly shocking when it comes to photocopy things in Malaysia and JB, not to say about the technology of JB was no competitor at all, and the quality of the end was so much difference. To start off this, you could find a store offer off set printing easily in Singapore especially in front of my school, it's like 10 photocopy stores in a row and you could choose your favourite stores based on your favourite colours, temperature or even the handsome or beauty staff ( although most were aunty and uncle yet friendly ) ( most of them are friendly ).

There's several times when I had no choice to print things in JB, because my brain didn't function well when it came to bringing things.

And you will realise how ridiculous colour printing can be in Malaysia. 


I can have 50 cent SGD for one piece A4 full colour, but here can be like 2.50 or 3, and you might found somewhere below 2 but the quality is like 0.01% of what I got from SG.

It just couldn't compare because you can easily tell how bad was the photocopy machine.


Now I would talk about my most recent experience.

I need to print something on A3 art card but initially it wasn't planned to be printed. So when the day I realised I never brought those art cards that I bought, and I was like never mind, I could do it in JB.

So I asked my friend how much was it because she was also bringing her own paper and just print at the store, and they charged her 20 cent SGD. 

Then just now I went to Plaza Pelangi 4th floor which was the very famous printing shop and I would not say the name. So I showed my paper and asked that ****h to print, ( it was like the better printing shop that could be found in JB ), let the convo begin :

Me : Erm, sorry, how much if I want to print this on this paper?
Aunty : The paper so thick ah? Hmm, RM 5 FOR ONE.
Me : Wt*, seriously?
Aunty : Yea, one for 5.
Aunty : It's like this one lor, i think you student so I give you this price, normally we do this in RM 8.
Me : ROFL I can do this in SG with 20 cent leh?!
Aunty : No eh, we don't have this price.

Then I started to scold that aunty to my sis because she gave me the " your head " stares and face just now when I said that I could do the same with 20 cent SGD.


I swear to God that I will never ever go to that shop anyone, it's not the first time that they anyhow charged me, long ago, I was there to print my portfolio, and they freaking charged me 8 ringgit for one piece A3, and the colour was kinda yellowish. Luckily I still got sometime to do the printing on Monday, or I really don't know what to say.

You can compare Sg and Malaysia in so much points, from food to clothes to even printing. 

So here to end my short rant and please do click on my sidebar on the Foon Yew 101th Anniversary x Doi Chaang to link to Doi Chaang JB for more info. 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Mainstream : Chapter 1

Last time I used to say like I'm not going to do mainstream stuff. Lol because mainstream is just..

too mainstream.

But yet I'm just that mainstream ass who said himself for denying himself as mainstream. I still remember when I was still in secondary, there's a time when Starbucks went off the top. Every secondary student start to have this coffee addict that want to get a cup of Starbucks, and it's like an identity, which represent some social statement?

Then of course me as well, I started to post photos like Starbucks, those coffee, those food, those place, checked in at Starbucks, and just show it off all over the social media, it's like you gonna take a photo of it and post it no matter what or you're left out.

Then after a while, you could see the photos that trend in Instagram were like those simplicity inspired, great use of white space photos with food, clothes, coffee, or anything even plants, laptop, book, blah blah blah. And people realised that this Japanese kind of simplicity must be done, so everyone started to take photos and posted them online with the great proportion of white space and the best adjustment of contrast and saturation.

Move on to coffee, it's like the Starbucks just now but people didn't go mainstream branded coffee but authentic cafes in the town. And you could see people took photos once the food or drinks were served. Then it's gonna be soon posted online with checked in to be seen by others like me, and I would be like " oh hey, who who who enjoying coffee at where where where leh, shuang lor, I also want to be like that!"

One by one, people non stop to go different place with coffee and took a photos of them just to be shared online. Somehow I wondered how many of them really understand coffee? But of course there were a lot of them who passionate on coffee and study them ( like me ) but there are people who just go on as everyone was doing it.

But the diagram on top is just part of it, if you really go into different type of combination and ratio of espresso and milk, you will see how cool can a cup of espresso and milk being named. Lol

And now ( but since long ago, you can see people who tried to act chio, but not everyone had the X-factor to carry out the feeling. Want to see the examples?


Act chio FAIL.

So it's like people just can't stop doing what others are doing, and we call this the as something like #swag or #cool stuff which can really reflects into marketing strategy or even business opportunity. So somehow I wonder if people who started something new and different is because I do on his own priority or it's just something meant to be done?

Just like what happened few months back when the RED People are rising fast, and a lot of things started to be kinda outrageous in a way that they purposely make them happened. And websites like the gigacircle make up a fuss with it with lots of ' continuous ' stories or even ' new creation ' on stories which actually happened to make a lot of views that can actually create a high SEO which resulted in earning a lot of money.

It's some kind of things that people do nowadays aren't fully in a purpose of sharing them. Like me, or you or even he, she, it. A cute dog can gain popularity is not done by itself, no one will even teach a dog on how to function a freaking smartphone that so sensitive and dogs' paw are just too fluffy to control.

So I think I'm enough until here. But will keep on updating because this kind of thing is getting mainstream, and I do it purely for sharing purposes but also gaining views just like why you're reading it right now.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

13th Storey : The right way of dreaming.

Let's get the fingers stretch.

I still remember how was it like when I was still in secondary school. Without the outstanding results, basically you were just nothing no matter in school or your house or anywhere. People in different stages were always look up for the things as target in different ages.

So some people started to work as hard as they can and maybe some of them dream as hard as they can, in some way dreaming was like the cheapest way to achieve success without any energy needed. Or maybe the kill of brain cells. Whatever.

Maybe I wasn't the kind of study material, my life was never in that way. Oh yea, if you gonna said about my primary school result then yea, yes, I was quite okay when I was in primary school, oh no, when I was young. Why I say so? Because even though I was in the first class from primary 3 to primary 6 but my result wasn't outstanding at all in the class but my personality was outstanding. (LOL) But why I said my result was good in young was because I successfully get 100 marks for my BM paper once in a life time when I was primary 2, I knew I was pro, hold your jaw properly please. HAHAHAHA

And it only happened in primary because I could still remember and how the memory was so vividly staying in my brain that my BM in Form 5 was about E or F. But who cares, I got A- in SPM. Lol. It's not the standard of SPM was low but I was the average standard if you gonna compare it within Malaysia.

So then I realised we couldn't just stay at the place which was not belong to me, science study was only for study material but not somebody like me. ( Or maybe I was simply lazy to study because some of my friends with not so good result yet continue their science study, and they really worked hard on it, so I won't take their pride on me. Hmm )

Like what I always told my cousins that if you couldn't really figure out your direction of the path of study, then you just go forward and think about the kind of lifestyle you were looking for. If you thinking that you're looking for life that faces sick people everyday, like all day, then yea, here you go you doctor. Lol ( just saying, no offence )

Which was making me kind of unpleasant was you dream too big. I knew my study in my school teaching us to dream big, like the on who invented mobile phone, it's all started because he had this crazy though which people didn't have to use a phone that attached with a wire. And then here he came out with the mobile phone.

Who said that you couldn't dream big, it's all about your self esteem and self consideration on your capability and the capacity when came into going forward to achieve or sustaining the current status of living. But it's not all that only, some people just think too much, like literally so much until I couldn't stop laughing.

It's like Leshan telling me that she's going to draw a landscape oil painting of the sun setting within the desert of cacti. It's not gonna happened in NO WAY.

So I had came across with this solution method to help you, and fix yourself from crossing the boundary of the realistic with the self capacity.

  1. Get a paper and pen and start to draw a big mind map, make it A2 size because your dream gonna stay within this paper.
  2. The mind map is about your future lifestyle, stay realistic on the right side and stay imaginary on the left side.
  3. DO NOT put in too much path and direction because you need to stay on track. Eg. If you want to study law then please don't tell me you gonna be a professional photographer.
  4. Add in the dream of owning a cafe, because everyone has a dream like that, even me. HAHAHAHA
  5. Use a big red marker and cross out those not suppose to be included in the mind map like what I said above, you're need cross out scientist if you prefer photographer.
  6. Go further, like what kind of things you want to own and write down the way with the career path you've chosen to achieve the things.
Basically it's like that, although I never did that before but it sounded good because I invented it. Lol, and what you need is the faith and confidence that no one else could teach you, but over powering confidence was not the right way, you will know you're thinking or dreaming too much when you yourself is conscious enough to understand yourself.

I saw people all around different ages and different path, most of them were those in the same age range and I saw how unbelievable they could be, not in a good way. I knew no one was reading this because it's all the 13th Storey depth thoughts that not all kind can understand, sometimes I thought that I wasn't a human but a humanian, maybe some kind of organism that not exist but yet exist. I didn't know what was I writing right now.

So yea.. maybe that's all I could rant for the day. Who says you couldn't own your own place to sell coffee or nice tea, or even like me doing waffle and pancake. You gonna start now to choose the right path and the things you want and concentrate, and remember those things weren't that far in between them. 

It was initially Sudden's Cafe and I decided to changed it into Sudden's Tea & Soul Garden because those you came, were those you need a place to bury their soul. LOL menu was under organising and it's going to open soon. But it's all needed to be booked and reservation, and I only served those who I want to share with them. HAHAHAHA

Siao ah, bye.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

#suddensthrowback Krabi + Phuket phone flashback.

Hey yo people, due to the hot weather, I couldn't blog. The heat is overheating everything, from the top to the bottom and I was almost cooked.

So here comes to another photo spam post with my Krabi and Phuket trip in end of May if not wrong. I went there for 5 days? I couldn't really remember. Lol. It's a trip of 10, aunties and uncles with cousins.  You will see them in the photos below so just scroll down if you were not interested with my crap.

It was actually the first time that I went to Krabi and Phuket, everyone knows I love beaches, and I love the ocean. They were just like my long lost brothers or sisters as they had the same frequency that connect me so well. Not to say the snorkelling experience. 

I love the snorkelling in Phi Phi Island. I still remember the time I went to Langkawi with my friends in the end of secondary, the snorkelling was like 1 type of fish all over the sea bed but the one I had in Phi Phi is like 50 types?

I freaking see the whole sea bed with urchin which was very cooooooool because I never know they looked so cute. Not to mention about those colourful creatures.

I couldn't breath when I saw them! ( of course la, inside water leh ._. ) ( siao ah, got wear the breathing mechanism for snorkelling la == )

But I don't have underwater camera and most of the photos were with faces. LOLLOL so I should call this as a selfie spam.




Actually there should be more photos but on the second last day I started to diarrhoea and it last until I was back in Malaysia. After all the diagnosis, I strongly believed that it was caused by the tom yam flavour cup noodles that I had on one of the night in Phuket but overall it's a great trip with awesome people, beach, sea and the best of all, a getaway from the noises in the city.

Well, I don't mind to go again, but I will be more careful with the food intake. LOLLOL so as you. 

Ohya, the must go destination definitely is the island hopping, you will never disappointed!!!


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